The 2019 episodes of The Talk of Gasoline Alley began Monday May 6 on 107.5/1070 The Fan (WFNI).

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2019 weeknight broadcast schedule:

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  • 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (EDT): Trackside with Curt Cavin & Kevin Lee
  • 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (EDT): Donald Davidson’s The Talk of Gasoline Alley

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Monday 5-6-2019: New co-host Tony Donahue; 2019 IMS Museum Mario Andretti exhibit, 1969 winning car at the Smithsonian, First caller of the month is Mike from Vernon Hills, Mari Hulman George (includes Mari as an owner, former 500 drivers invited back to the track, also NASCAR champions at the 1994 Brickyard 400), the 1969 race, Gary Stanton, Jud Phillips (Dave from Marion), Jacques Villeneuve, Troy Ruttman at the French Grand Prix.

Tuesday 5-7-2019: Follow up on Jud Phillips, Duane Sweeney, Purdue Band at the 500, also- Back Home Again in Indiana, James Melton, balloon release, Neil Armstrong in the Purdue Band, relief drivers that drove a significant part of the race, winning relief drivers, the Novis at other tracks, Chuck Rodee, existence of former winning cars (not really answered), Ebb Rose.

Wednesday 5-8-2019: STP sticker on the Borg-Warner Trophy in 1969, Rolla Vollstedt (Paul in Racine), also Art Pollard, George Snider, Dr, Vincente Alvarez, Bob Wente, year with the most cars entered, year of the race most busy with stats, lap leader records.

Thursday 5-9-2019: 3.2 million bricks, history of the bricks and installation, Rocky Moran, Scott Brayton, also the 1989 race hypothetical scenario, Bobby Unser autograph session, Angelo Angelopoulos of the Indianapolis Times, Josele Garza, Mike Hiss (Jerry in Delphi), Sam Posey.

Friday 5-10-2019: Pat Patrick and Gordon Johncock, also STP sponsorship, Borg-Warner Trophy, trophies used before 1936, Danny Kladis (also the Grantelli brothers), Mack hellings, Tom Beale’s Diner (includes Floyd David & Al Miller knife in the wooden leg story), Sterling Moss’s father (Alfred E. Moss) at Indy and as a dental student in college in Indiana.

Saturday 5-11-2019: IndyCar Grand Prix

Sunday 5-12-2019: No show due to Mothers’ Day.

Monday 5-13-2019: Jimmy Bryan, cars using the name “Special”, drivers that participated in World War II, Victory Banquet.

Tuesday 5-14-2019: Follow-ups from Monday night (Don Lee Special, Victory Banquet, drivers from WWII), pre-war equipment in the 1946 race, last pre-war car to compete, Arnie Knepper (Jerry in Delphi), Boy Scouts semaphore story, Eddie Hearne (Mike in Vernon Hills), most relief drivers for one car, Eddie Russo.

Wednesday 5-15-2019: Bruce McLaren, Sid Collins (includes early history of the IMS Radio Network), Jim Gilmore, Wally Dallenbach, Clark Auto Company Special, Dick Rathmann.

Thursday 5-16-2019: The Novi engines (the Winfield), also Duke Nalon driving the Novi, Granatelli’s Novi cars, A.J. Foyt pole in 1974, Jerry Hoyt on windy Pole Day 1955, Mel Kenyon, Hoosier Hundred.

Friday 5-17-2019: Follow-up on Mel Kenyon, the Mystery Eagle, Jerry Grant in 1972, history of the grandstands, little bit about the Snake Pit, Doug Sheirson and the Domino’s Pizza Hot One car, Maurice Kranes and the Kraco entry, Donald working with Lou Palmer during time trials. Jackie Stewart, also Jackie Stewart state police story.

Saturday 5-18-2019: Time Trials

Sunday 5-19-2019: Time Trials

Monday 5-20-2019: 1919 race with Rene Thomas on the pole and Howdy Wilcox the winner (vs. 2019 with Simon Pagenuad and Ed Carpenter), qualifying shockers – Penske in 1995, Rodger Ward in 1965, Bobby Rahal in 1993, Jack Turner, mention of Bobby Unser at the museum, 1923 Bugatti Team, Prince Decystria, some names from the IMS Radio Network.

Tuesday 5-21-2019: Follow-up on Martin de Alzaga (Kay Williams), Harry Miller, Tony Gullota, tracks Donald would like to visit, Studebaker Ronthe Special in 1930, Wilbur Shaw 1944 tire test at the Speedway, Cal Niday, Willie Davis (Dave from Marion).

Wednesday 5-22-2019: Lee Elkins, Travis “Spider” Webb, more on the Purdue Band in 1919, five members of the Andretti family – Jarett would be the sixth, Carl Scarborough, also the 135 mph Tramp Club, Jimmy Doolittle with the Cummings Diesel team in 1931 (hand signal story), milk choices, public address announcer Bob Funcannon, Smokey Yunick.

Thursday 5-23-2019: Twitter & E-mail only show…Discussions about the upcoming weekend events, Al Unser Sr., drivers that were friends off the track, Spike Gehlhausen, drivers that stayed in houses nearby in the Town of Speedway, Hoosier Hundred.

Friday 5-24-2019: (Carb Day) Tom Carnegie, Borg-Warner Trophy, Wilbur Shaw, includes the 1941 garage fire “use last” tire story.

Saturday 5-25-2019: No show

Sunday 5-26-2019: Race Day drive home show

Brickyard 400 week

Tuesday 9-3-2019: The week of events (U.S Nationals, BC39, etc.), Is there a name for the lake in the infield (no), location of Main Gate/Gate 1, railroad tracks outside Main Gate, Lee Roy Yarbrough, crossover drivers, IROC at Indy, Kurt Busch Double Duty in 2014, army men toys dropped over Speedway on race morning, Bill Stroppe’s teams at the 1963 USAC Stock Car Yankee 300 at IRP.

Wednesday 9-4-2019: Yankee 300 follow-up (Mike in Vernon Hills), Sal Tavella from USAC Stock Cars, crossovers including Mario Andretti in 1967, Rushville, Tim Flock and Jocko Flocko the monkey, also Lakewood Speedway in Atlanta, feds looking for Flock, Charlie Masters, 1994 Brickyard 400, origins NASCAR to Indianapolis, Bill France “kicked out” of Indy, France as crew member with Joel Thorne.

Thursday 9-5-2019: Follow-up on Tim Flock and Jocko Flocko, 1994 Brickyard 400 DNQ’s, Telex broadcasting, Mario Andretti and the 1969 Lotus Type 64, Mario Andretti’s front row pictures in 1969 with Aldo, Dick Rathmann “mugged” before the race in 1957, Bobby Johns, 2011 former drivers photo shoot, Lee Roy Yarbrough, Andy Granatelli story.

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