JI500 (formerly “Johnson’s Indy 500”) was founded August 6, 1998. It is an independent, unaffiliated, blog/website, and repository focusing on the history of the Indianapolis 500 and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It specializes in statistics, history, and historical audio.

The majority of the statistical content of this site originally appeared and was published at the following two websites (snapshots from The Internet Archive) between 1998 and 2011.

Beginning in 2006, a substantial amount of the site’s statistical content was voluntarily integrated into Wikipedia. At which time the focus of the site shifted to documenting and archiving the radio program “The Talk of Gasoline Alley” starring Donald Davidson. The original TOGA project was completed in 2014, and subsequent episodes were produced and archived through 2020. At least 447 episodes of TOGA have been archived and catalogued.

In 2015, the site was re-booted and in 2021 re-introduced the Indy 500 statistics and history in an expanded form, with a new look and new approach.

Visitors are welcome to enjoy all of the archived audio presented here. Any statistical content, audio, or images from this site may be used by permission, and must be attributed to doctorindy.com

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