With Co-host Dave “The King” Wilson.

-Some episodes took place at the Dryer and Reinbold garages
-Regulars include Dave from Marion, Paul from Wisconsin, Jerry from Delphi
-Podcasts downloadable online

[Monday 4-30-2007] (WIBC)
1982 race and the ‘haze’ that appears in turn 3, George Robson and Hal Robson, Andy Linden (Dave from Marion), Troy Ruttman (Paul from Wisconsin), Rufus gray, Rodger Ward.

[Tuesday 5-1-2007] (WIBC)
Follow up on Troy Ruttman at the French Grand Prix and in Formula One, 1957-1958 winning car (George Salih, Johnny Boyd, etc.), different fuels through the years…ethanol, diesel, kerosene, adgas, the Turbine’s fuel, clarification about the “banning” of gasoline after 1964, Rex mays, Fred Johnson- the voice of Gasoline Alley.

[Wednesday 5-2-2007] (WIBC)
Memories from 1977, no victory lane recording from 1946 (specifically about George Robson’s accent), Jack Brabham, Brabham cars, Ray Crawford, the Van Camps/Fleetwood Indy 500 LP vinyl record, Art Lamey of Champion Spark Plugs (Paul), Lou Palmer.

[Thursday 5-3-2007] (WIBC)
Fundraiser show, Michael Andretti and Marco Andretti interview, USAC Sprint and Midget champions who were also 500 winners, last lap passes for the win…latest pass for the win, Jimmy Murphy, defending Formula One World Champions in the 500, Pat Vidan, races of May 27 and other dates of the 500 (May 24th Unser day), Chuck Rodee.

[Friday 5-4-2007] (WIBC)
Jackie Stewart, 1978 Bump Day incident with Jim Hurtubise (ran out on the track), Eddie Sachs stories (practical joke with Leroy Warriner being shot; Checkered Flag bar), Jack Starne (A.J. Foyt chief mechanic), Bob Swanson.

[Saturday 5-5-2007] (WIBC)
A.J. Foyt 50th anniversary celebration, anniversaries of 1977, 1982, 1992, Willy T. Ribbs, question about when the gates open Sunday, Henry Banks, defending winners and champions missing the race, Foyt team drivers over the years, lack of innovation at Indy these days, question about Sunday’s TV coverage, does P.J. Chesson have a ride this year, drivers “buying” their way into the field.

[Sunday 5-6-2007] (WIBC)
Opening Day; (Dave in Marion) Drivers who drove upright dirt cars/Roadsters/Rear engine cars, Eddie Johnson, Davey Hamilton’s car #02 and other car numbers, John Zink, Zink Turbines, Graham Hill plane crash, no doors on the stalls in the bathroom, 1930 story about Chet Miller and borrowing a part (spring) from a spectator’s car in the infield to put on his race car, dispelling the urban legends about the Junk Formula and the stock market crash, Monza 500, Jimmy Bryan photo chasing money at Monza that blew out of his pocket, A.J. Foyt Springfield/Milwaukee story, Robin Miller accusing Foyt of cheating.

[Monday 5-7-2007] (WIBC)
History of Rookie tests, Johnny Hannon, Hottest 500 (1953 or 1937?), movie “To Please a Lady”, Barbara Stanwyck, Bobby Marvin (killed before driving as a rookie), Bill Holland’s suspension in 1951-1952 (“outlaw” races), Louis Schnieder’s suspension.

[Tuesday 5-8-2007] (WIBC)
Safety Patrol Pith Helmets, Preston Tucker at Indy, Tucker test at the Speedway (depicted in the movie), Shim Malone (USAC flagman), A.J. Foyt’s triple crown, youngest winner (Troy Ruttman), 500 winners born and raises in Indianapolis, the term “Specials”.

[Wednesday 5-9-2007] (WIBC)
Al Unser Sr. driving for Foyt in 1965, Bobby Grim, Grim’s 1959 dislocated arm incident, 1982 Kevin Cogan crash (Mear’s incident at Michigan), Prince Decystria and the 1923 Bugatti team, photo of Tony Hulman in the pace car in 1962 (follow up on whether 1977 was the first time Hulman rode in the pace car during the winner’s post-race victory lap), Wilbur Shaw in 1929 and 1931 (suspended for “outlaw” races), Jim Hurtubise.

[Thursday 5-10-2007] (WIBC)
Bolt-on wings and speed increases, 1978 USAC plane crash, Chet Philip (bearded drivers), Brian Barnhart.

[Thursday 5-10-2007] (Network Indiana)
Follow-ups on the previous night’s show, four drivers wives that became widows twice (married two drivers who were killed), Letterio Cucinotta, rookie Helio Castroneves re-painting the wall in 2001, Paul Russo’s wing/stabilizer in 1960, Larry Biscelglia, old unpaved areas in the garage area, the 5 a.m. “mad rush” to the infield on race day, different qualifying procedures over the years…Jigger, update on Tom Carnegie, Arie Luyendyk’s track records.

[Friday 5-11-2007] (WIBC)
Remembering WIBC’s Chuck Riley, drivers with many years between starts (re: John Andretti), Formula 1 and NASCAR drivers at Indy during the 1960s, Daylight saving time and its effect on “Happy Hour”, the Turbines and Diesels (what fuels did they use), differences between the front and rear tires/wheels, Larry “Boom Boom” Cannon, Eddie Sach’s hometown, Jimmy Reece’s wife Betty.

[Friday 5-11-2007] (Network Indiana)
Chuck Riley, Phil Cole, Brian Saulpaugh, Vincenzo Sospiri, Racin Gardner, Milka Duno, Doc Williams, Jud Phillips, Roger Penske prior to 1969, first turbocharged engine.

[Saturday 5-12-2007] (WIBC)
Pole Day; Mike Spence, drivers who won in both front and rear engine cars, 1966 scoring controversy, when were track records last set, why do drivers take special lines through the turns, why is there only one engine manufacturer (Honda), Lou Welch (Novi), Lindley F. Bothwell and the 1916 Dario Resta car, Penske team drivers who did not win the 500.

[Sunday 5-13-2007] (WIBC)
Time Trials; Recap of qualifying, furthest back starting position to win the race (28th), starting position with the most victories (pole), the older USAC qualifying formats, Kent Baker, Phil Krueger, when did the race move to Sundays, Donald’s book, what do drivers need to do to get a ride (money), more on Phil Krueger, was A.J. Foyt the last driver to win wearing a t-shirt (no…Pat Flaherty), movie “To Please a Lady”, A.J. Watson.

[Monday 5-14-2007] (WIBC)
Years without the milk, white lines on the frontstretch (USGP grid), Jack McGrath, more on the milk, Dinah Shore’s rendition of “Back Home Again In Indiana”, racing family members who were not drivers (crew members, etc.), drivers a lap down or more coming back to win, drivers still living from the 1958 race (re: AJ’s 50th), 1961 painting, 1957 radio interview “Sam Hanks by the seat of his pants”, the Singing Hoosiers’ “The 500” song, Crocky Wright…delayed until next day.

[Monday 5-14-2007] (Network Indiana)
René Le Bègue and René Dreyfus at the 1940 race, J.C. Agajanian (all drivers through the years including Parnelli Jones), Ralph Liguori, question about an emblem, Tom Binford, Al Loquasto, Don Brown.

[Tuesday 5-15-2007] (WIBC)
When did teams stop using fuel blends, 1965 gasoline/methanol, use of nitrous, weight jacker, Goodyear tires, A.J. Foyt’s consecutive starts, Danny Ongais 1981 crash, John Totten, Crocky Wright, winningest car number, number with the most last place finishes, drivers from Bloomington Indiana, father/son/Jr.’s in the race, Louis Schneider.

[Tuesday 5-15-2007] (Network Indiana)
Chuck Booth, Chet Gardner, follow up on J.C. Agajanian from previous night, Roman Slobodynskyj, Lightning Chassis, Gene Hartley, Donad’s birthday is January 20th (so is Jimmy Bryan’s), thank you call from a student, Al Unser III, Bryan Herta, IMS Radio Network crew members still alive from Donald’s first in 1964-65, Don Lee, Carl Hall.

[Wednesday 5-16-2007] (WIBC)
Ray Keech, Maude “M.A.” Yagle, how many rows of bricks are at the start finish line, ill-prepared (inexperienced) drivers, different driving styles through the turns, car number #02 (Davey Hamilton), current whereabouts of Indy 500 winning cars, Donald at Automotive Boosters parties.

[Wednesday 5-16-2007] (Network Indiana)
Phil Krueger, Double O Joe Goseg, Jim Hurtubise’s last year with the front engined Mallard roadster, Hurtubise in rear engine cars, Jerry Grant, John Zink, Zink drivers and cars over the years, Zink Turbine, Frankie Delroy, how safety crews worked back in the day.

[Thursday 5-17-2007] (WIBC)
Jimmy Doolittle in 1931, Andy Hillenberg and Tim Bumps (driving school), follow up on winning cars (1992 Al Unser Jr. car), no podium celebrations at Indy (winners only), Fabrizio Barbazza, Robby Unser, Floyd Davis, extra time allowed to finish the full 500 miles (Ralph Mulford in 1912), Joe James.

[Thursday 5-17-2007] (Network Indiana)
Cecil Green, Lee Wallard, ASPAR in 1947, press conferences, Dorie Sweikert’s book “Along for the Ride”, Johnnie Parsons, mention of Donald’s trip around the world, turbine fuel, 1968 turbine steel shafts, question about bumping under the new 11/11/11 procedure.

[Friday 5-18-2007] (WIBC)
Dedication of Lloyd Ruby Overpass in Wichita Falls Texas, Bill Devore, Frank Briscoe, Greg Beck/Beck Motorsports, Paul Diatlovich visits the show.

[Friday 5-18-2007] (Network Indiana)
Lloyd Ruby, Johnny Boyd, John DePalma, Leslie Allen, Phil Casey, follow-up on whereabouts of 1997 and 2000 winning cars, Mickey Rupp.

[Saturday 5-19-2007] (WIBC)
Time Trials; Phil Geibler’s day, 1992 A.J. Foyt Auction at the Speedway (also 1977 winning car), Larry Bisceglia (first in line), Mom Unser’s Chili, furthest back starting position to win, oldest/youngest winners, May 24th, closest field in terms of time/speed, year with most cars bumped, Cliff Bergere, 1972 Jim Hurtubise beer engine, (“payback” by USAC during the race…Hurtubise out of fuel and not scored), differences in drivers’ abilities, 2nd/3rd/4th generation drivers, Mauri Rose did not kiss the movie star in victory lane, last year for riding mechanics, drivers listed as a winning chief mechanic (Lou Moore), Mike Hiss.

[Sunday 5-20-2007] (WIBC)
Bump Day; Random thoughts about Bump Day and the upcoming race, Al Unser Sr in 1987, three members of the same family (4 Andretti’s in 1991), Andretti’s vs. the Unser’s winning the rookie of the year award, racing families from the early years, (the Quilt Lady)…Lou Palmer was “not” the Voice of the 500, airport landing strip at 38th St nearby the Speedway, first/last year of the Offenhausers, Robby Unser and Johnny Unser, Turbines, largest number of Novi’s in a single field (3 in 1963 and 1964), best finish for the Novi’s, rookie winners, Race of Two Worlds (Monza 500).

[Monday 5-21-2007] (WIBC)
John Mais crew member in 1915, Bill Puterbaugh, Larry “Boom Boom” Cannon, Bob Christie, 1960 Ward/Rathmann duel, 1966 why did Jackie Stewart win the rookie of the year award instead of Graham Hill, Desire Wilson, Billy Arnold.

[Monday 5-21-2007] (Network Indiana)
David Hobbs, Wally Meskowski, follow-up on Hobbs, Wayne Leary, consecutive starts, Pat O’Connor, Lotus H engine, back-to-back winning owners with different drivers, most wins as an owner (other than Roger Penske).

[Tuesday 5-22-2007] (WIBC)
Salt Walther, including relief in 1975, Dick Frazier, Tony Stewart, Bobby Marshman, the phrase “Gentlemen start your engines”.

[Tuesday 5-22-2007] (Network Indiana)
Velko “Vel” Militech, Eddie Sachs and Troy Ruttman in 1962, Bobby Grim, total number of lap leaders, Desire Wilson, Jeff Andretti, Bud Tinglestad.

[Wednesday 5-23-2007] (WIBC)
A.J. Foyt out of fuel…reaching around and flipping a switch? (1975), David Letterman on the 1971 ABC broadcast, wings and Mario Andretti’s 1969 car, World Championship points awarded at Indianapolis from 1950-1960, first competitor fatality, Mildred “Milka” Vukovich (and “Danica”), riding mechanic Earl Frost, Cheever Racing this year?, has the flagman ever been injured?, Mark Donohue.

[Wednesday 5-23-2007] (Network Indiana)
Mildred “Milka” Vukovich (and “Danica” Vukovich), Francis Quinn, Cletus “Cowboy” O’Rourke, mention of Jean Shepherd, Gil Anderson (including Harry C. Stutz info), Wilbur Shaw, Mike Mosely, Carb Day crashes.

[Thursday 5-24-2007] (WIBC)
Details of Eddie Sachs’ 1964 fuel tanks, Gordon Smiley, Dave from Marion’s 1958 starting lineup photo, Jud Larson, 1964 Hurst sidecar (Bobby Johns), Bill Cummings 1933 story about in a bar and “Lucky Red #7”.

[Thursday 5-24-2007] (Network Indiana)
Russ Snowberger (Federal Engineering entries), Shorty Templeman, Louis Meyer, history of trohies (“Water from Wilbur”).

[Friday 5-25-2007] (WIBC)
Carb Day; Car #1 (recent years using #1…Paul Durant and Michael Andretti), 1939 Sparks 6-cylinder engines, “Pop” Myers, closing the track during W.W.I.I. and the 1946 re-opening, Tommy Milton starting position 1…finishing position 1…using car number 1, tallest/shortest/heaviest/lightest drivers.

[Friday 5-25-2007] (Network Indiana)
Follow-up on 1975 Jerry O’Connell/Jud Phillips/Mike Mosely/Mario Andretti story at Phoenix, Jim Robbins, Len Sutton, “Culver” blocks bricks from the track…authentic or not?…traces of mortar is a clue that it might be authentic, chat with Paul from Wisconsin, history of the Pit Stop Contest, Dinah Shore’s rendition of “Back Home Again in Indiana” and singing the second verse

[Saturday 5-26-2007] (WIBC)
All Night Race Party (replays of 1962 race, 1987 race, the 2006 finish). Mike Serowick hosts with Donald Davidson offering commentary. Mario Andretti, Marco Andretti, and Sam Hornish Jr. discuss the finish of the 2006 race, Stark and Wetzel commercial, the brick surface and paving with asphalt, messages from listeners, Stark & Wetzel baseball commercial, Parnelli Jones breaking the 150 mph barrier in 1962 time trials, Parnelli Jones tire testing, no radios, pit board and chalk boards, hand signals, chatting, drivers that went the 500 miles without a pit stop, chatter, memorials of older All Night Race Parties, relief drivers, Chris Economacki, Bob Lovell visit the studio, Parnelli Jones having brake failure in the 1962 race, memories from 1962 time trials, Rodger Ward living near the track having difficulty getting to the track on race morning, Ward hiring a helicopter pilot to fly him in race morning, chatter, WIBC song jingle, the 1962 race tape won’t finish – switch to the 1987 race broadcast, John Barthalomew visits the studio, Mario Andretti in the 1987 race, commercials (Budweiser, Chrysler), the Chrysler LeBaron pace car, Bob Jenkins growing up with the Indy 500, caller from Australia, Al Unser Sr./Penske Cummins sponsorship arrangement in 1987 (uppercase vs. lower case), Bob Jenkins and Paul Page, Page’s last 500 on the radio (at the time) and switching to television for 1988, Mario Andretti interview about 2006 and 2007,.

[Sunday 5-27-2007] (WIBC)
Race Day post race drive home show.

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