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-WFNI 1070 The Fan
-Donald joined by new Co-Host Kevin Lee
-Show reduced back to a one hour show from 6-7 pm
-Trackside aired from 7-8 pm on 1070 AM
-Second hour of TOGA aired on Network Indiana from 7-8 pm for most of the month (podcast available for download)
-Podcasts downloadable online

5-3-2010: (M) Johnny Aitken; racing history of “Calhoun” roadster; new IICS chassis; AJ Foyt comes to the 500; (D) Rex Mays, safety equipment; relief drivers in winning cars, position changes on the track after the winner finishes; Danny Ongais; Gordon Pipers; fewest, most miles by winning driver (inc co-drivers); Pete Halsmer; ever any plans for right hand turns.

5-4-2010: why was IMS concerned about top speed early in its history; “Umbrella” Mike Boyle nickname; pacer lights, yellow flag procedure; non racing occupations (Jim McElreath, Len Sutton, Chuck Rodee, Joe Saldana, Lloyd Ruby); qualifying days in the 70s; Arlene Hiss, Mike Hiss; Chicago Gang; Lotus 64 in Barber museum; Lee Kunzman.

5-5-10: Sid Collins; 1909 1910 IMS drivers who weren’t in a 500; introduction of team spotters, functions of riding mechanics, removing gauges; Cal Niday, collectible card; Bob Harkey; Dan Gurney; Kennedy Tank, local sponsors.

5-6-2010: (D) Jud Phillips sprint cars, Carl Forberg; Michael Chandler; (P) Rose and Herb Wysard; more local sponsors; Lou Palmer; (M) Jud Phillips; Bessie Lee Paoli, cars sold between women owners; rules about staying in the car after an accident; Greg Beck; Champion Spark Plug Highway Safety Team.

5-7-2010: balloon races; Ward, Rathmann, Watson, Zink, Wilke, Leader Card, George Amick; Bill Schindler, Al Miller (1932), Gordon Smiley; insurance laps, racing after the checkered flag, 1937 fuel economy; (M) Roger McCluskey; rivalries, Al Unser Jr, Michael Andretti, Unsers and Andrettis winning Rookie of the Year.

5-8-2010: no show

5-9-2010: no show

5-10-2010: mini marathon; CW Belt (Clarence), first V-type engine at IMS, Les Anderson, Bill Cantrell; fan reaction to turbines; Water for Wilbur, milk; Paul Goldsmith; other turbine cars; “World’s fastest flying start”; Milwaukee after IMS; (P) Art Sparks; Johnny Parsons Jr “qualifying” for Foyt; Eddie Rickenbacker plane crash; (D) Hut Hundred; Mike Magill (incomplete recording).

5-11-2010: (M) Jim Phillipi; 1959 Daytona USAC championship race; planning and paying for relief drivers; (D) Chickie Hirashima; living IMS Hall of Fame members; crashed cars left around the track; classifying running cars ahead of cars that complete more laps; Unsers and Andrettis in the 500; (D) Larry Rice; Billy Garrett; 1996 Buddy Lazier win; 1971 pace car crash; Norman Timbs.

5-12-2010: origins of sprint car racing; Charlie Profitt, Lloyd Ruby; Lee Wallard, fast line around the track; Pop Myers; Harlan Fengler; (J) Norm Houser, Thane Houser; best average for first five starts; David Hobbs; Al Bloemker; (P) Ralph Ruttman; Foyt checkered uniforms, ballgames in garage area; Lotus Ford, Dan Gurney, Jim Clark, Colin Chapman, last carburetors; memory of seeing “500 Miles to Go” in book store; Nordyke mills, Marmon family; (J) Jackie Holmes.

5-13-2010: driver with most starts before winning (see also 5-14); racing families connected by marriage; (M) 1965 rookies; Cliff Woodbury, Howdy Wilcox II (1932); Raul Boesel 1993; Bob Fletcher (see also 5-14); Jackie Holmes; 1973; Ernie Triplett, Poison Lil; (J) 1973; last, fastest front engine cars; most starters, first Indiana born winner, first 33 car field.

5-14-2010: (M) Joe Cloutier; Bob Fletcher’s drivers, driver with most starts before winning (Sam Hanks); Bruton Smith involvement; Dick Simon after Scandia; (D) drivers who qualified an upright car, a roadster, and an RE car, Stan Fox; Ron Hemelgarn, Delta; recent fatalities; (J) Cotton Henning; Lou Moore; turbines, last front engine qualifier; Valerie Bettenhausen; Jimmy Kite; (D) Bob Scott; (J) Al Putnam; 1929 Altoona, Ray Keech.

5-15-2010: 1964 Thompson cars, Peter Bryant, Eddie Sachs; history of qualification rules; Angelo Pizzo 1911 movie project; source of bricks, origin of Speedway souvenirs; passing of Graham Hill, Mark Donohue, Peter Revson; car on the roof.

5-16-2010: flagmen, positions; Tom Binford; recent active Nascar driver and F1 driver in the 500; Lloyd Ruby at Le Mans; Leon Duray, Johnny Hannon, Clay Weatherly; Dick Sommers, Eddie Sachs, MVS, DVS; Mark Donohue; Whittington brothers; Lotus sponsorship in 2010; launching Indianapolis Raceway Park; astronauts, Grissom, Cooper.

5-17-2010: Jimmy Caruthers; chief mechanics driving shakedown laps; Bud Winfield, creation of Novi, Lew Welch, Jean Marcenac; first TV broadcast of 500; Ted Horn; Gasoline Alley in Paterson NJ; Jean Marcenac (Novi); origin of word “Indy”; Ora Haibe, Swan Ostewig (Oleson), Frank Elliott, Louie Meyer; (D) 1962 race highlights, Eddie Sachs, Offy sounds; Derek Daly; (J) Overton “Bunny” Phillips; Joe Boyer, Ray Keech, Altoona; white/green color scheme at IMS, highest qualified position that has been bumped, provisional pole sitter bumped, Myron Fohr.

5-18-2010: 1911 results; female team owners, entrants; Nascar drivers in the 500, Jerry Sneva qualifying, Ed Elisian; oldest and earliest living winner (Jim Rathmann 1960); 1971 pace car crash; Clint Brawner; pace car announcements and changes; (D) movie stars greeting winner; Roberto Guerrero, Jim Crawford; Russ Snowberger, Federal Engineering; John Jones; Norman Batten.

5-19-2010: Sumar, Don Smith, Chapman Root, Gene Force, Jimmy Daywalt, streamliner; Jackie Stewart pushes car; experience with fatalities; Bill Cantrell (boat racer), Fageol; Penske 1995; drivers rooming with local families, Jimmy Bryan; Ray Harroun, nickname, Larry Bisciglia; Jim Shelton and other announcers; Manny Ayulo; John DePalma; Earl DeVore; public address at IMS; S.F. Brock; Wayne Woodward, Mark Hughes.

5-20-2010: Angelo Pizzo 1911 movie project; Lloyd Ruby gravestone marker, Mongoose car, Gene White, Dave Laycock; Jimmy Snyder; drivers rooming with local families, Jimmy Bryan after 1958 race; veteran drivers visiting in May; Billy Englehart; (M) Billy Arnold; replica of Sachs’ 1964 Shrike, Bill Lear steam car; (J) Mel Hansen; Johnny Aitken, Tom Kincade (or Kincaid); Speedway Motel; JC Agajanian.

5-21-2010: identical qualifying laps; Hurtubise 1978 qualifying; Hurst Floor Shift Special, sidecar, Smokey Yunick career, Bobby Johns; Bob Harkey; (P) Victor McLaglen; AJ Foyt and Tony Hulman, Tim Richmond; Fred Lecklider, George Lynch; Bob Swanson; (M) Clark Gable, Jack Benny at Indianapolis; Offy sounds, Frankie Del Roy; Bill Vukovich; Howdy Bell.

5-22-2010: pole day results; Jerry Karl; 2010 qualifying system; Jim Rathmann, Dick Rathmann, oldest living winner; pole interview; improvements from spending extra money; co-winners, relief drivers for winners; why requalifying; changing drivers for qualifying; new qualifying format; uncredited relief drivers for winners.

5-23-2010: no show

5-24-2010: (part 1, incomplete show) Bobby Rahal, Mike Groff, 1993, 1994, Honda; Rodger Ward 1965; first crashed qualified car to be reinstated to the race (Saavedra); Jean Marcenac career before Novi; Mel Torme, singers for Back Home Again in Indiana; oldest car to qualify for the 500, Gordon Johncock; Travis “Spider” Webb; Bob Moorhead, John Martin; driver analysts on race broadcasts; (part 2, incomplete show) oldest winning car, Mark Donohue; (J) Shorty Templeman; badge 99 and other numbers, Clarence Cagle; Ray Pixley; drivers bumped twice in a year, drivers finishing last more than once; (P) Jim Hall.

5-25-2010: resolving last 2010 qualifying positions; horsepower and handling advantages; Sachs’ tire in 1961, fuel capacity in 1964; Johnny Aitken, 1916 Harvest Classic; Cliff Griffith.

5-26-2010: surprising 500 winners; (M) 1941 recap; Eddie Johnson 1964; Hulman purchase and rehabilitation for 1946, sale of concession rights; (P) Tom Bagley; car on the roof, its history; inverting field; Borg Warner Trophy history; oldest winning cars; Sumar streamliner; Indianapolis auto makers in the 500; last front engine cars to attempt to participate.

5-27-2010: The Auto Racing Hall of Fame at IMS; rivalries, Michael Andretti, Al Unser Jr, Bobby Rahal; locations of Mario’s 1969 cars; starter’s flag position, chief steward’s position in race control; Bill Vukovich; FIA Superlicense exclusivity requirement; Hanford Speedway; using a part from a parked car, Chet Miller, 1930, John Dillinger; first 1909 race winner at IMS, Louis Schwitzer; T car; Jim Crawford, Buick V6, Pat Bedard; winner who led most laps in race; mini bikes at the Speedway; Spike Gehlhausen.

Notations: (D)ave from Marion, (J)erry from Delphi, (P)aul from Racine, (M)ike from Vernon Hills

No Brickyard shows

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