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Wednesday 4-29-2009
Rene Dreyfus; Bob Veith (D); first year with all same engine/chassis/tire; year of most second-gen drivers; year of most brothers; Don Freeland and Veith; relatives; trivia about Unsers in the same race; most exciting finish; Bobby Marvin, Rollie Beale; Andy Dunlop, Pete Salemi, Central Excavating; Novi memories; (J) Joel Thorne (tallest drivers); introduction of winner’s picture on ticket; Jay Frank (AAA stock car champ).

Thursday 4-30-2009
(M) Jud Larson; fencing separating fans from track; Ronnie Duman; Mel Kenyon; Bill Cheesbourg; Pat O’Connor; (P) Leader Card, AJ Watson and the Wilkes; Roger Penske’s driving career; (D) Wally Meskowski; George Walther; Floyd Roberts.

Friday 5-1-2009
Bill Cheesbourg, latest qualifying run; running Indy and Charlotte; (D) Rich Vogler 1989; Bobby Marshman; Lloyd Ruby’s road racing career; end of the traditional start at Le Mans; (P) Borg Warner Trophy, Wheeler Schebler Trophy, L Strauss Award; (J) Greg Weld; consecutive start records for early participants.

Saturday 5-2-2009

No show

Sunday 5-3-2009
Len Sutton; Pop Myers, Clarence Cagle; (D) Johnnie Tolan; connections with Brooklands; Al Unser III; 500s on May 24; Nichels 1961 Pontiac test; Ebb Rose, Racing Associates; Lyn St James retirement; John Paul Jr; Jack Turner.

Monday 5-4-2009
(partial recording); Chet Ricker at both ends of panorama photos; oldest living 500 veterans (Jim Rathmann, Chuck Weyant, etc; passing of Danny Kladis); (D) Rex Mays; (M) Al Herman; (P) Vel Miletich; earliest movies of IMS; did riding mechanics carry tools, ride in qualifying; AJ Watson; John Zink; prettiest Novis, Paul Russo and Tony Bettenhausen; Hinchman; (J) Arthur Greiner, Sam Dickson 1911.

Tuesday 5-5-2009
Frank Coon, Jim Travers, the Whiz Kids, Howard Keck, Traco, Bill Vukovich; prank phone calls in the garage, the mongoose gag; (J) Mike Boyle; record number of cars on track; Scott Brayton; L.L. Corum; Floyd Davis; Larry Bisceglia; (D) Don Brown, the Prince of Darkness, the Mechanical Rabbit; recommended books; David Bruce-Brown.

Wednesday 5-6-2009
Cliff Bergere (partially bad recording); Bill Finley; (J) Ted Horn; (M) Bud Tinglestad; Jim Hurtubise; (P) Jack Mackenzie, Art Lamey; bridges over the track; Herb Ardinger; Jigger Sirois, Mike Spence; Donald’s favorite finishes; Fred Holliday; 1909 races, Louis Schwitzer.

Thursday 5-7-2009
(incomplete recording) Sam Hanks; Hershel McKee; car on the roof; Mark Donohue; (M) test hopping; what attracted Lotus to Indy; racing movies; foreign born winners; Dorie Sweikert book about her life with Bob, “Along for the Ride” (enthusiastically recommended by Donald); Jochen Rindt; Jimmy Daywalt; (D) Don Horvath.

Friday 5-8-2009
False claims about 1957 winning car owner; (M) Dick Cecil; Harlan Fengler, land speed record car; hitting three walls in an accident; Jim McWithey; Chet Gardner, Ray Gardner, and family; great consecutive results.

Saturday 5-9-2009
Crocky Wright; Banzai qualifying runs, first driver to requalify after being bumped; Cowboy O’Rourke; 1964 lemon on a string; 2006 finish; best 500 performances by regular NASCAR drivers; most consistent qualifying laps; Bill Cantrell (boat racer); John Posey; Eddie Johnson; Eddie Rickenbacker (Medal of Honor winner).

Sunday 5-10-2009
Sid Collins, Donald’s 1964 experiences; emotional Victory Lane celebrations; traditional bumping rules; George Salih 1957 laydown car, Belond Exhaust Special, Howard Gilbert; Hurtubise, Mallard; most laps led in a 500; history of attendance growth.

Monday 5-11-2009
(M) Chuck Stevenson; Donald steers a 500 car; Alley Cats; Sid Collins memories, participation of Purdue band; Karl Kizer; (P) scoring pylon and displays; timing and scoring; Phil Krueger; requirement for riding mechanic; (J) Bob Swanson; Tony Hulman, Homer Cochran; Ray Paschke; (D) Dee Jones; Mike Mosley; Jim Philippi; Jack Brabham qualifying 1961.

Tuesday 5-12-2009
Denny Zimmerman, only Indy 500 driver in Soap Box Derby final; Chuck Engle; USAC stock car drivers; Spike Gehlhausen; Usona Purcell; Agajanian/King 1976, Foyt; Ray (or Sam) Price; Ken Schrader 1983, Grant King; Bill Holland; (J) Cecil Green; Spike Gehlhausen, Sta On Car Glaze WIRE Special, Bill Alsup 1979; Jim Robbins car in the garage; garage overflow, Bob Olmstead, Ed Finley, Screaming Eagle; (D) Wayne Ewing; Mike Mosley 1981; Gentlemen, Start Your Engines, Irish Horan.

Wednesday 5-13-2009
(M) Mike Mosley, 1975 Sugaripe Prune drivers, Jud Phillips; Lloyd Ruby funeral, 1964 race result; Henry Banks; Cleon Reynolds; Shorty Templeton; Duane Carter; Bettenhausen family; spectator injuries 1973.

Thursday 5-14-2009
Duane Carter sprint career; (M) Sam Sessions; IMS radio announcers; old race broadcasts; Duesenberg; (P) Wally Meskowski; large starting fields; Antares car; Frances Perkins, Joel Thorne; Chuck Daigh, Scarab name, 1956 Ford record run, “Charlie George”; (J) Rodger Ward; (D) Johnny Thomson; Rich Vogler.

Friday 5-15-2009
Turbines; Peter Revson; Wilbur Shaw; winning riding mechanics; Grant King; Rolla Vollstedt, school bus engine, Roger Rager.

Saturday 5-16-2009
History of scoring pylon; Peter Bryant, George Follmer; Foyt’s closest win; Elmer George v. Eddie Russo, Race of Two Worlds, Monza; T cars; Bob Christie; Walter Brookins altitude record.

Sunday 5-17-2009
Close qualifying fields; Smokey Yunick, Kenny Rich, Paul Lacy; Emerson Fittipaldi’s orange juice; Howdy Wilcox (2nd 1932); rumble strips; Teddy Mayer, Tim Mayer, Tyler Alexander, McLaren, Mayer Motor Racing; 1973 accidents; last front engine car; AJ Shepherd; John Andretti; Jigger Sirois, Rick Muther; Studebaker; worst starting position of winner.

Monday 5-18-2009
Ed Elisian, 1958 pace laps; (D) Bob Scott; Penske 1994 and 1995; Sid Collins and Paul Page; (P) Teddy Yip; Alfonso de Portago; 1960 chief mechanic; Smokey Yunick 1974; (J) Johnnie Parsons (Sr); 1976 National Rental Car trip around the world; Borg Warner Trophy; Aldo Andretti in 1969 pictures; Best one-time winner; shuttle trains to the track, first in line; 1971 pole qualifying, Mark Donohue, Peter Revson.

Tuesday 5-19-2009
Alice “Baby” Hoffman, Tom Beall; Parnelli’s problems in 67 race, Wayne Weiler, 1965 race highlights, W.W.I.I. veterans in the 500, (D) Bobby Grim; Billy Arnold; Luther Johnson, Studebaker; (P) Wally Dallenbach; Fred Frame; Chevrolet brothers in Indianapolis.

Wednesday 5-20-2009
Pit stop rules, 1965 tire war, 1965 fuel requirement; end of JC Agajanian participation; Larry Rice passes (long reminiscence); Lorenzo Bandini, Wally Weir; Parnelli and Lotus; (M) AJ Foyt in F1, the 500 Song, Joe Jordan, the Singing Hoosiers; Rich Vogler; last carburetor; Ralph Liguori; Gene Hartley; rules for allowing cars to finish the race distance; (D) Eddie Sachs and Troy Ruttman in 1962; Tony Bettenhausen Jr; longest continuous participation; Leader Cards.

Thursday 5-21-2009
McLaren team; History of IMS control towers; (J) Eddie Sachs; (P) Louis Schweitzer Award, Roman Slobodynskyj; showing and demonstrating the Marmon Wasp since 1961; Wayne Alspaugh; Tom Bagley; Foyt Riverside stock car crash; Chickie Hirashima; Jim Malloy; Mike Mosley 1971, 1972; Mom Unser, chili; Don Branson.

Friday 5-22-2009
George Barringer; Jimmy Daywalt; Jack McGrath, Jack Hinkle, Jack Beckley; Lew Welch, Novi; John Totten.

Saturday 5-23-2009

No show

Sunday 5-24-2009
(Race day drive home show) Danny Sullivan’s career pre Indy, Dr. Frank Faulkner; highest race day temperature, top finisher ever from back row; pit and caution speeds; first driver to win three races with same team and paint scheme; Oldest driver in 500, last race fatality; women over the pit wall; all of the cars going into pits or staying out under yellow; youngest three time winner, most wins with same team; rejected Indy drivers; 500 superstitions; oldest ROY, most finishers on lead lap; Chuck Stevenson Syracuse crash; tallest and shortest drivers; most women finishers; 2009 race result.

Monday 7-20-2009 (Brickyard 400 week)
(see following show for correction) first driver in both Daytona 500 and Indy 500; Smokey Yunick’s Indy 500 career; Ernie Ruiz; (D) Walter Cronkite; Cale Yarborough at Indy; memories of Bobby Johns, Bill Holland 1950 match race; bringing NASCAR to Indy; 1964 Belgian Grand Prix; worst starting position for Brickyard winner, most Brickyard poles.

Tuesday 7-21-2009 (Brickyard 400 week)
Effect of changes at IMS; corrections on preceding show; relief drivers; Daytona brush fire; Ray Campbell, Sherman “Red” Campbell, Carl Scarborough; changes of Brickyard weekend schedule; Barney Oldfield, Miller “Golden Submarine”; Tim Richmond; (Rodger Ward Jr.) years when a chassis or engine dominated the field; charity functions.

Wednesday 7-22-2009 (Brickyard 400 week)
(J) Lee Roy Yarbrough; Jack Mackenzie; Jim Hurtubise beer in the car; 1944 Wilbur Shaw tire test; Harry Coburn and other official photographers; Dempsey Wilson, Jimmy Daywalt; 500 drivers with outstanding qualifying histories, history of acquiring the Marmon Wasp; first stock cars at IMS; Nigel Mansell at Indy.

Thursday 7-23-2009 (Brickyard 400 week)
Donnie Allison at 500; stock block Chryslers in 1950s; history of surface; geometry of track; Jim McGee; nondestructive metals testing, Leonard Wexler; (P) drivers doing the double in the 70s; Bud Moneymaker, Checkered Flag Tavern.

Friday 7-24-2009 (Brickyard 400 week)
(M) Marshall Teague; (D) 1963 Yankee 300; George Morris, 4 time winners at IMS; Brickyard and 500 drivers.

Notations: (D)ave from Marion, (J)erry from Delphi, (P)aul from Racine, (M)ike from Vernon Hills

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