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Thursday 5-1-2003

Friday 5-2-2003

Saturday 5-3-2003

Sunday 5-4-2003
No recording, Donald discussed Mario Andretti’s 1969 Brawner Hawk winning car

[Monday 5-5-2003]
George Souders, Roscoe Sarles, regarding Honda & Toyota arriving in 2003…other years where foreign engines/manufacturers arrived at Indy (Paul), Bruce McLaren, papers to buy Speedway signed in Rockville?, more about the Brawner Hawk…wrecked at Dover?, Will Overhead, other turbines.

[Tuesday 5-6-2003] Pat Vidan, question about drivers available for 2003…due to the possible shortage of 33 cars, previous years with less than 33 cars, 1982 Indy 500 radio crew, 1964 winner restoration status, status of Bettenhausen’s third place Armstrong Wildcat car from 1980, most starts before winning (Hanks, Rutherford), aerial bombs at the start of the race, Safety Patrol, Lee Brayton, more about Sam Hanks’ 13 attempts, Harry Hartz.

[Wednesday 5-7-2003]
Seatbelts in race cars before street cars, technical advancements on the track, more on seatbelt rules and laws, Salt Walther in 1977 trying to get in as a “ride buyer”, most top ten finishes, wealthiest drivers and owners…Joel Thorne, Mark Donohue’s 1972 winner in museum…and the steering wheel, what to do on pole day if it rains.

[Thursday 5-8-2003]
David Bruce-Brown and other early wealthy drivers, J.C. Agajanian/Dan Gurney arrival, Aldo Andretti, exhibition races at the Speedway during the 1970s…hosted by the Shriners, history of the sanctioning bodies…AAA/USAC/IRL, Blue Crown Specials front and rear wheel drive, years which Rex Mays set speed records, Lee Brayton…again.

[Friday 5-9-2003]
Riding mechanics…have any also been drivers, most dominating performance without winning…Ralph DePalma, Jim Gilmore, fastest unofficial speed record, on-board pneumatic jacks, the change from two-man cars to single-seater cars, story about drivers having a difficult time getting to the track on race morning in 1960, possibility for co-drivers to win, Gentlemen start your engines starting command, military aircraft flyovers, car owner Dick Hammond, correction from previous night about most top tens…should be Al Unser, correction about the location of Aldo Andretti crash.

[Saturday 5-10-2003]
(Time Trials rained out)
Ray Keech, “new” pole day rainout rules for 2003, rehash of 1989 finish, more about the aerial bombs at the start, Jimmy Snyder leading laps in 1937, Pat Bedard, Gordon Smiley, The Beatles staying at the Speedway Motel in 1964.

Sunday 5-11-2003: (Time Trials)

[Monday 5-12-2003]
Donald’s ride in the IndyCar Two-Seater at the Speedway with Davey Hamilton, Dario Franchitti motorcycle accident, Scott Brayton and moving cars to the back of the grid, Fred Horey, Show cut short due to news coverage of Presidential visit, what happens if Robby Gordon is doing the “double duty” and wins Indy…will he still go to Charlotte immediately.

[Tuesday 5-13-2003]
A follow-up on Wilbur Shaw and a pet lion…he didn’t have one…but Roscoe Turner had one, cars with political party logos…1972 Bill Daniels car with GOP elephant on the nose, John Locks riding a motorcycle in 1950s, most powerful engines…largest leap in performance, riding mechanic’s duties and stories, more on riding mechanics, “500 Mile International Sweepstakes” name, gambling on the race, tobacco and alcohol sponsors, drivers in the 500 driving without limbs (prosthetic leg), rookie of the year winners that never returned to the race.

[Wednesday 5-14-2003]
Black driver Joseph “Joie” Ray, Bobby Marshman, fall 1971 exhibition/vintage race at the Speedway, Eddie Russo, drop of total entries between 1911 and 1912, Hughie Hughes, leading driver in late 30s through 40s…who do you think you are “Barney Oldfield?”, Paul in Racine…year with most foreign drivers by a single country.

[Thursday 5-15-2003]
Grandsons…third generation drivers…Teddy Pilette, can first day qualifiers be bumped…yes, Pat Flaherty on a TV show in 1956…”What’s My Line” or “I’ve Got a Secret”, Speedway Superintendents and Clarence Cagle’s Miracle, “The 500” song by the Singing Hoosiers on record, the last name Smith, Dennis Vitolo, cars powered by kerosene.

[Friday 5-16-2003]
Races with more than 33 cars in the field, first pace car and most “exotic” pace cars, 1963 race Parnelli Jones vs. Jim Clark under yellow light and the oil leak, Mark Dismore, can a bumped car be re-qualified…no, Indy winners winning at Dayton Speedway, 1982 Cogan crash, Gordon Johncock, people married at the Speedway, rules about fixing cars during the race…Foyt using a hammer in 1982, Indy 500 winners who have also won F1 World Championship and Daytona 500, Marmon Wasp first rear view mirror, circumstances of the 1947 field not having 33 cars.

[Saturday 5-17-2003]
(Time Trials)
How to obtain autographs from some drivers, Cliff Woodbury, Boyle cars, Donald recalls a 1913 article about the race, follow up on bumped car rules, NASCAR drivers at the 500…pre-1980s, any plans to move race to Saturday…no, the Whittington Brothers, the Hurtubise beer engine car, drivers who have led all 200 laps of the race during their career, downforce and wings, more on history of wings…1971 McLaren attempt at wings ‘as part of the bodywork’, most exciting race since 1970…details on 1986, 1993.

Sunday 5-18-2003: (Time Trials)

[Monday 5-19-2003]
Email question-since there was no 34th-fastest qualifier, is there no alternate?, Race highlight films produced by outside companies…Dynamic Films/Championship Race Films, Chester “Chet” Gardner, Howard Wilcox, Bump Day rules…third attempt, winning separately as a driver and an owner, first Japanese engine manufacturer to win at the Speedway…Nissan, Lindsey Hopkins…rabbit…Lightning chassis, the Jigger Sorios story…again…reluctantly, more on Lindsey Hopkins, Jackie Stewart and the Indiana State police.

[Tuesday 5-20-2003]
Bud Tinglestad, Eddie Sachs in 1962-1963, Len Sutton visits the show…discussion about the 1964 Sachs/MacDonald crash, more with Len Sutton, accident where scaffolding collapsed…1960, Graham Hill, how Donald got interested in racing and came to the U.S.

[Wednesday 5-21-2003]
Al Unser in 1970 race…running the whole race on one set of tires?…mandatory pit stops, Alden Sampson, Lou Welch, foreign cars from 1938-1948 (Alfa Romeo, Maserati), Speedway wing and wheel logo, 1909 balloon race.

[Thursday 5-22-2003]
(Carb Day)
Jackie Stewart and the Indiana State Police story, 1959 Tony Bettenhausen and Harry Turner car, the crew that worked for the USAC News, first in line Larry Bisceglia, Eddie Sachs in the Unlimited Hydroplane circuit, Water From Wilbur…a little on milk, W.E. “Doc” Shattuc, Rollie Beal.

[Friday 5-23-2003]
“Radio” Gardner, Doug Shierson, more on USAC News, George Souders, Carl Fisher/James Allison/Prest-O-Line connection, USAC National Champions (sprints, midgets, stock cars) in the 500, Kelly Petillo.

Saturday 5-24-2003
“All Night Race Party”; Replays of the 1955 and 1994 races.

Sunday 5-25-2003: Race day.

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