With Dave “The King” Wilson.

[Monday 5-3-2004]
Don Branson, Ed Elisian, 1971 pace car crash, Eldon Rasmussen, Roger McCluskey, Larry Foyt, 1939 race, Denny Zimmerman & Frank Fiore in 1971.

[Tuesday 5-4-2004]
Carl Williams, Jochen Rindt, Ritchie Ginther, Ronnie Buckman, trying to identify an orange wing with “Technique”, Rick Muther, favorite stories Donald has that he never gets to tell, Donald’s personal background and coming to America, stock with Donald and Chuck Hulse on an airplane.

[Wednesday 5-5-2004]
1955 photo of Johnnie Thompson’s dirt car, Chuck Stevenson in 1952, Roger McCluskey’s championship car victories, joking about not looking stuff up on the internet, drivers (Eddie Sachs) in hydroplane boat racing, drivers who completed the full 200 laps/500 miles the most times in their career, Bentley Warren, most laps completed during the month, rookie stripes.

[Thursday 5-6-2004]
The car under the tarp, years with less than 33 cars in the field, Donald’s college class, Jimmy Daywalt, Sumar Special (wives’ names), car number used by Roger Rager, Genesee Beer Wagon, photographer Johnny Island, Indy superstitions, Jones and Malley Special (the car on the roof).

[Friday 5-7-2004]
Did Parnelli Jones race the original 1967 Turbine car again, Parnelli Jones retirement, Beck’s Drugstore, Roscoe Turner, 1941 race…Mauri Rose in Lou Moore car, Floyd Davis, other co-winners and winners that had relief help, racing stopped by the government during World War II.

Saturday 5-8-2004
No show due to Pacers game?

[Sunday 5-9-2004]
First 200 mph laps, 1972 speed increase, Mark Donohue, years which saw rule changes to reduce speeds (1974, 1997, 2004), Larry Dickson, where did the 33 cars standard come from, Bruce Jacobi, Jim Phillippe, order of the pre-race ceremonies, first on-board pneumatic air jacks used (1959).

Monday 5-10-2004
Short show due to Pacers game…(no recording)

[Tuesday 5-11-2004]
Follow up on previous night’s question…history of information sharing between teammates and teams, movies that were made at the Speedway…”The Big Wheel” not actually filmed at the track, Mickey Rooney visit to the track in 1978, Bill Cummings, Rex Mays driving a Novi with Duke Nalon, Jim Hurtubise qualifying a roadster/rear-engine/roadster/rear-engine in that order (also done by Eddie Johnson), more on Hurtubise.

Wednesday 5-12-2004
Short show due to Pacers game…(no recording)

[Thursday 5-13-2004]
Driver bumped the most times in his career (First Alternate multiple times), the 1909 motorcycle races, possible motorcycle race at IMS, motorcycle drivers in the 500, drivers’ jobs and professions outside of racing, Norm Hall, Darryl Wibel, Kim Morris, Sally Larvick (not answered), more on professions, drivers named “Dave” and “Wilson” in the race, last time the track was re-paved, history of re-paving at the track, Larry Cannon story about flipping a pace car at a dirt track, 1953 winner received a dog and case of dog food as a prize.

[Friday 5-14-2004]
Follow up on drivers who were First Alternate more than once, all-time list of First Alternates, birthplace of Ted Horn, birthplace of Len Ormsby, Ormsby’s small prize money total, Jigger Sirois in 1969 (again), Ronnie Duman, history of the Pagoda, Roger McCluskey, feet and hand prints in concrete at the Speedway…celebrities (1940s-1950s) kissing and greeting the winner in victory lane.

Saturday 5-15-2004:
Time Trials
Pacers game…(no recording)

Sunday 5-16-2004:
Time Trials
(no recording)

[Monday 5-17-2004]
Charlie Brockman in 1955, famous victory lane interviews, the Novis, 1950s winner still living…Jim Clark & Graham Hill still living? (no), how to get a Kenny Brack autograph, Sterling Moss.

[Tuesday 5-18-2004]
Short show due to Pacers game; Pancho Carter at the Hoosier 100, 1982 front row photo, Ralph Liguori.

[Wednesday 5-19-2004]
John Totten, evolution of caution periods/yellow flags, drivers other than Emerson Fittipaldi who did not drink the milk in victory lane (not answered…one “multiple winner”), winners with milk allergy, drivers in the Indy 500 and Daytona 500, Gordon Johncock, Eddie Cheever threw up milk?, riding mechanic Monk Jordan, brothers in the 500, Jim McGee.

[Thursday 5-20-2004]
Follow up on brothers in the 500 and Jay Drake, aerial bombs at the start of the race, drivers waving on the pace laps, Grant King, most times starting the race without finishing (bad joke by caller…Pat Vidan), most starts with fewest laps completed (George Snider), Chet Fillip, Dan Gurney.

[Friday 5-14-2004]
Continuing on Dan Gurney…1964 Grand Prix of Belgium, international television coverage, golf bridge on the backstretch, buying pieces of the old Tower Terrace grandstands, the term “Specials”, Donald’s story with Tony Hulman/Lindsey Hopkins and a cart full of sauerkraut, was gasoline “banned” in 1965, methanol fires.

Saturday 5-22-2004:
Time Trials
Pacers game…(no recording)

Sunday 5-23-2004:
Time Trials
(no recording)

Monday 5-24-2004:
Short show due to Pacers game (no recording)

[Tuesday 5-25-2004]
Mark Alderson, follow up on last night about Gays Biro, old roadster displayed in North Manchester IN, random stories about Donald’s afternoon, riding mechanics, Andy Hurtubise, foreign born drivers in the 500, Al Holbert, Salt Walther.

[Wednesday 5-26-2004]
Pacers game….(Community Day), chassis engine formulas/specifications over the years, last front-engine car, non-winner with the most top 10 finishes, most second place finishes without a victory, first time NASCAR stock cars tested on the track, follow up on Salt Walther and story with Tom Hamlin (Dayton sportscaster), Jigger Sirois real name (Leon Duray), Jimmy Bryan and Frenchy Sirios and the Monza 500, Bill Spoerle (Speedway Museum restoration manager).

[Thursday 5-27-2004]
(Carb Day) 1979 turbocharger inlet controversy, the Whittington brothers (Don, Bill, Dale), Linda Conti calls about Shorty Cantlon, minimum qualifying speeds…also 1947 qualifying situation.

[Friday 5-28-2004]
Short show due to Pacers game; how car numbers are chosen and assigned, Mario Andretti in 1969 not changing tires…other drivers not changing tires during the race, Lewis Strang…classic photo of Strang looking at model of Speedway.

Saturday 5-29-2004:
“All Night Race Party”…replays of the 1947, 1977, and 1986 race

Sunday 5-30-2004:
Race Day, Pacers game

[Wednesday 8-4-2004] (Brickyard week)
Lee Roy Yarbrough, first time stock cars ran at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 1961 Nichols Engineering run, Pete Hamilton, Pony Car test, A.J. Foyt stock car runs at Indy, Aldo Andretti standing in for Mario during 1969 front row photo shoot, question about NASCAR Chase for 2004…”It’s ridiculous”, Frankie Delroy, museum displays, Wedge Turbine on display, Rodger Ward at Milwaukee in 1959, upcoming IMS repaving project.

[Friday 8-6-2004] (Brickyard week)
IMS Museum curator Karl Keiser, brief museum history, thickness of IMS pavement, paving project, Dick Summers, Dick Summers drivers, old asphalt pavement used for Wilbur Shaw Hill soap box derby track.

[Saturday 8-7-2004] (Brickyard week)
Start time for the first 500, caller who had family members who went to the first 500, Roger Mears, Josele Garza, Roger McCluskey in 1973, Parnelli Jones bleeding in 1961- rock hit his face and cut his face, A.J. Foyt/Len Sutton “door swap” story, Parnelli Jones punch story, more on the “door swap”, 1967 500 Banquet – Foyt to Parnelli “cheaters never win”, Freddie Agabashian as the driver expert on radio, Joe Leonard, Al Bloemker, Cannonball Baker.

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