The 2018 episodes of The Talk of Gasoline Alley began Monday May 7 on 107.5/1070 The Fan (WFNI).

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Monday 5-7-2018: (Co-host for the month – Kevin Lee) First caller of the month is Jonathan in Chicago, Dan Gurney, includes Gurney bringing Colin Chapman and Lotus to Indy, 1967 24 Hours of Le Mans with A.J. Foyt, 1967 Grand Prix of Belguim, Strategic Air Command Turbine car, Duke Nalon (Mike in Vernon Hills), brief history of The Talk of Gasoline Alley, Jules Ellingboe, Frank Coons and Jim Travers, also Howard Keck, Troy Ruttman (to open the next day’s show).

Tuesday 5-8-2018: Al Unser Sr.’s getting the ride at Penske and winning in 1987, Penske’s last-minute sponsorship deal with Cummings (Mixed-case and all-caps Cummings decals on the car), continuation/follow-up on Troy Ruttman, youngest drivers in the 500, Hollywood actresses kissing the winners in victory lane and placing their footprints in concrete, where the concrete slabs are now, Maude “M.A.” Yagle (Mike in Vernon Hills), female car owners, Scott Brayton, Donald’s appearance at Rushville Race Night with surprise guest Tony Stewart (Paul in Racine), George Bignotti.

Wednesday 5-9-2018: Rene Thomas at the 1973 race (Donald did not get the chance to meet him), Rene Thomas in aviation accident, European entries from the early years arriving by ship and by railroad, Brooklands racing circuit, drivers and cars that drove at both Indianapolis and Brooklands, Donald meeting Prince Michael of Kent (cousin of Queen Elizabeth II), the historic month of May 1977, includes father and son Jim McElreath and James McElreath Jr. attempting to qualify for the same race, also includes story of McElreath and Salt Walther “dispute” over a Pocono hotel bill, Short Templeman (Dave from Marion).

Thursday 5-10-2018: Jimmy Snyder, including 1929 engine rule changes, Jimmy Jackson, Danny Ongais and Ted Fields Porsche entry, Ted Fields sitting alone in his suite, Dave Despain, ambulance stolen and driven around the track (1935).

Friday 5-11-2018: (Paul in Racine) Japanese drivers at the 500, first Japanese driver to lead the race, Tora Takagi unaware of three-wide starting grid, Harry Sauce, Chet Miller, also 1930 Model T shock absorber story and 1934 crash over the wall and 1938 Floyd Roberts crash, Jack Turner, Lodge Spark Plugs, Bobby Grim, Jungle Park, “The Crowd Roars”.

Saturday 5-12-2018: (IndyCar Grand Prix)

Sunday 5-13-2018: No show due to Mothers Day.

Monday 5-14-2018: Lou Moore, includes 1941 Floyd Davis & Mauri Rose victory, Blue Crown Specials and the 1947 “EZY” signal between Bill Holland and Mauri Rose, also Lakewood Speedway, Riding Mechanics (Mike in Vernon Hills), Emil Andres, also Andres as a father-figure to the Bettenhausens (Paul in Racine), June Swango.

Tuesday 5-15-2018: Harry C. “Cotton” Henning, also Mike Boyle, U.E. “Pat” Patrick and STP, twin brothers Jerry Unser and Louis Unser, Bob Olmstead, Ted Horn (Paul in Racine), best drivers that never won the 500.

Wednesday 5-16-2018: Follow up on best drivers never to win (Will Power), Bud Winfield, Novi engines, Jim Trueman and Bobby Rahal, Jet Engineering Eagle with stock block engines, Jerry Sneva (includes Neil Bonnet at Indy in 1979).

Thursday 5-17-2018: Al Unser Jr. “blocking” Tom Sneva for Al Unser Sr. in the 1983 race, George Connor (Mike in Vernon Hills) Lloyd Ruby mentoring Alene Hiss (Paul in Racine) also follow up on stock block engines, Elmer George, follow up on Lloyd Ruby, Colin Chapman and Lotus.

Friday 5-18-2018: Director of ticket sales Francis Derr, locals opening up their homes to visitors during the month of May (Donald staying with a nearby family during his first visit), Mario Andretti in 1969 getting kissed by Andy Granatelli and Granatelli whispering something in his ear, Bob Higman (Dave from Marion) includes mention of Jigger Sirois in 1969, follow up on George Connor backwards slide, Cliff Griffith (Mike in Vernon Hills), Jim Hurtubise “beer engine” incident in 1972, garage at 16th Street and Tibbs (Joe Baker), Jones and Malley Special (“the car on the roof”).

Saturday 5-19-2018: (Time Trials)

Sunday 5-20-2018: (Time Trials)

Monday 5-21-2018: (“First time only” callers show) Doug Boles asks Donald what his favorite part of May is, Dan Gurney (mostly ownership years), 1995 Bump Day clip with Davey Hamilton and the Indiana Pacers, Riding mechanics during time trials, why other entries did not follow Ray Harroun’s example, riding mechanic rules over the years, Bob Sweikert, Chuck Hulse, includes 1967 finish, 2018 field has no drivers that participated in the 20th century, Sid Collins (stories from outside of the radio broadcast).

Tuesday 5-22-2018: Sid Collins stories away from the network broadcast (includes Donald in basic training and Donald as a guest on the 1964 broadcast), Mickey Rupp, McLaren at Indianapolis (includes “A.N. Other”), A.J. Foyt at the 1982 race – damaged car from the Kevin Cogan crash and Foyt leading the first lap, also Kevin Cogan and the aftermath of the 1982 crash, the 500 on radio prior to the formation of the IMS Radio Network, all-time slowest qualifier, Jimmy Daywalt.

Wednesday 5-23-2018: (E-mail only show) 1994 Penske Ilmor Mercedes pushrod engine, current whereabouts of Indy 500 winning cars – cars that no longer exist, drivers in the Little 500 and Indy 500 in the same year (none), Frank Lockhart, maintenance of the bricks in the early years, history of paving projects, book about walking history of the Town of Speedway, Australian drivers at Indianapolis, Masten Gregory, Roberto Guerrero.

Thursday 5-24-2018: (E-mail only show) Oldest know radio broadcast clips, Mark Donohue, car numbers ending in “0”, Willy T. Ribbs, Tommy Milton, 1939 radio broadcast clip, George Robson, best results for unsponsored cars, Phil Hill, Doug Zink, turns identified by directions, rope bridge at the start/finish line, origin of the phrase “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing”, Johnny Parson’s name misspelled on the Borg-Warner Trophy.

Friday 5-25-2018: (David Dearing co-host) College graduates in the 500, Maurice Kranes and KRACO Racing, Russ Snowberger, Donald reflects on the show, Buddy Rice, when the race went from multiple chassis/engines to single chassis/engines, Paul Goldsmith, Jan Opperman (Paul in Racine).

Saturday 5-26-2018: (No show)

Sunday 5-27-2018: (Race day drive home show) Co-hosts Greg Rakestraw & Kevin Lee, Donald Davidson joined for the second half. Race recaps, Roger Penske/Tim Cindric press conference coverage, Alexander Rossi, Sebastien Bourdais, record temperatures, Will Power press conference coverage, race statistics, Ed Carpenter press conference, history of championship points at Indy, more highlights from Penske/Cindric press conference, what Donald does after the race and after the month of May is over, cars on the lead lap, Unser family museum exhibit, wrap-up.

Thursday 9-6-2018: (Brickyard 400 week) David Dearing co-host, discussion about the BC39 dirt track race, Jerry Baker, AAA Championship Car races at Darlington, Basement Bessie, Ontario Motor Speedway (includes IMS bricks at the OMS victory lane), local Indianapolis talent on the IMS Radio Network, special mock/match races put on at the Speedway during the summer/fall months for conventions, etc., teams storing cars in Gasoline Alley and smaller teams working out of Gasoline Alley year-round, Tom Bigelow, other races at the Speedway, 1916 300 mile race, drivers at the first Brickyard 400, Davey Allison.

Friday 9-7-2018 (Brickyard 400 week) David Dearing co-host, 1995 Brickyard 400 rain delay, follow up on “mock races” at the Speedway, Greg Moore, Tiger Tom Pistone, Sam McQuagg, Harry Hartz (also Billy Arnold), Salt Walther, what the Brickyard 400 has meant to the Speedway.

11-20-2018 (Special Episode of Trackside) Donald celebrates the life of Mari Hulman George.

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