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7-8 pm: Trackside with Curt Cavin & Kevin Lee
8-9 pm: The Talk of Gasoline Alley

Monday 5-4-2015
Jim Clark at Springfield in Bobby Marshman’s dirt car, Donald’s tea with Jim Clark, also…when races stopped being one-day events and races on consecutive days, Sally Stokes (Jim Clark’s then-girlfriend), Don Freeland (Dave from Marion), 1924 and 1941 co-winners, Teddy Tetzlaff, Ray Harroun as team manager for the Maxwell team using kerosene in 1914 race, Cliff Bergere in 1941 going 500 miles without a pit pit stop, other cars that went 500 miles without a pit stop, Mickey Thompson (Paul from Racine).

Tuesday 5-5-2015
Dan Gurney car #48 connection with A.J. Foyt/Alex Tagilani entry, Mario Andretti’s 1969 Lotus 64, what became of the Lotus cars after Mario’s practice crash, Johnny Rutherford, also the Rutherford “Bullwhip” story, Russ Snowberger, George Snider (“Ziggy”), includes Snider 1981 qualifying story, superstitions (green cars, #13, peanuts).

Wednesday 5-6-2015
[Curt Cavin sits in as co-host], 1965 rookie class, Pancho Carter, Allen Crowe, the old Speedway offices downtown (444 N. Capital), first museum, first winner’s ring, Donald takes a ride in a pace car with Dave Furst to Long’s Donuts, cars required to start the race on the tires they qualified with, story about lady who hid the confiscated tires until race morning in her garage, Jim Hickman, 1982 rookie class, Roger Rager…including the 1980 “school bus engine”, Luigi Villoresi (Dave from Marion).

Thursday 5-7-2015
The book “Dead Wake” and driver William Meriheina (Heina), Colin Chapman, Denise McCluggage, Nikka Lauda and Ayrton Senna ties to Indianapolis, also Senna Indy car test with Penske at Firebird, Grant King later years…also Ken Schrader at Indy, Phil Threshie and Gary Bettenhausen story from 1979 (nitrous), Wikipedia, Dick Rathmann, what race to visit if we had a time machine.

Friday 5-8-2015
Six wheeled cars – Pat Clancy Special, slowest qualifier starting in the second row (1912), 1957 time trials, 1955 pole day, Fred Agabashian (includes 1960 pole day, and his real first name Levon), Raul Riganti, origin of the title Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary F. Hulman (“pig in a poke”), history of the starting command.

Saturday 5-9-2015
Grand Prix post-race show

Sunday 5-10-2015
No show (Mothers’ Day)

Monday 5-11-2015
Ernie McCoy, Jonathan Byrd entries (includes 1991 Gordon Johncock story), short track drivers, the “talent and diversity” of the 1967 starting lineup (includes Jochen Rindt and Lorenzo Bandini), Jimmy Caruthers (includes USAC midget 1970 airplane story with Dave Strickland), Dempsey Wilson, Jerry Hoyt crew member discussion, Howard Moore.

Tuesday 5-12-2015
Discussion about car with autographs to the museum, getting back to the days of bumping and a lot of cars, Eddie Cheever fastest lap in 1996 race, Tom Sneva, 16th Street Speedway, engine leases, Jim Travers and Frank Coon, throwback program cover, flagmen and starters, the newer 16th Street Speedway, Donald’s favorite decade, Sheldon Kinser, last year of bumping…2011.

Wednesday 5-13-2015
Stutz White Squadron car car from 1913-1915…includes 1913 fire (3rd place) and Howdy Wilcox diamond story, gambling at the Speedway, Frank Elliott, Bob Wente, drivers that became television/radio broadcast analysts, Frank Fiore…includes 1971 Denny Zimmerman effort, history of the infield hospital.

Thursday 5-14-2015
Micky Rupp, Andy Hillenberg visit, cars that have won the race more than once (even with different drivers), Bryan Clausen and other drivers in other races the night before…including the “24 Hour rule”, how many times has the track been paved, how are the bricks kept during the re-pavings, Henry Banks…including Donald’s trip around the world, Aldo Andretti standing in for Mario in 1969 photo, Pat Vidan, John Andretti as radio analyst.

Friday 5-15-2015 (Part 1)
Friday 5-15-2015 (Part 2)
Actual color of the “Pink Zinks” (Tropical Rose), race qualifier that served on the radio network (Mike Hiss in 1978), story about someone asking Donald for answers to a trivia contest in the 1970s, the infield over the years…including rowdy Snake Pit years, the old bathrooms, 1973 Lou Palmer/Donald Davidson WIBC radio clip on YouTube, Art Pollard…includes 1972 Michigan Twins television booth story, Steve Laythrop and Racing Associates, admission cost in early years, Studebaker at Indianapolis, Pat Vidan follow up. [From Trackside] Discussion about grandstand improvements and the history of the main entrance.

Saturday 5-16-2015
[Time trials coverage show] History of qualifying rules and procedures, Bobby Unser hit a bird while qualifying, rain during 1974 and 1968 time trials, old scoring method of men with numbers on their backs, old days clocking speeds during practice, 1967 first year for public address during practice, 2005 time trials 11/11/11 rainout, discussion about using old aerokits, Luke Walton, accolades, the Jigger Sorios story…again, 1971 the first year to allow the qualifying draw to extend over multiple days, 1965 first year for qualifying draw, possibility of a sports car endurance race at the Speedway, popular dirt tracks in the area, Duane Sweeney, more ovals on the IndyCar schedule, Milwaukee Mile, qualified drivers replaced on race day due to an illness, Crawfordsville banner, original trees on the property, the trees that were in infield of turn four and north of the pits, scoring pylon, Jim Clark and Graham Hill troubles in 1967, Pat Vidan flagging from the track surface, new starter’s stand in 1974, cars that ran in the most races, Lindley Bothwell’s car from Art Klein (claimed to be 1916 winner), 1911 Ray Harroun and Ralph Mulford scoring controversy, Jackie Stewart an honorary member of the Indiana State Police, is 2015 first year with drivers from Indianapolis, Monaco, and Le Mans, last row qualifying question, vintage cars, longest rain delay, Australian drivers in the 500, most different drivers to make a qualifying attempt, 1953 Bill Vukovich qualifying in the rain, 1923 Howdy Wilcox qualifying in the rain, has a car ever failed post-race technical inspection, Bobby Unser interview with Paul Page on IMSRN.

Sunday 5-17-2015
Time trials

Monday 5-18-2015
Activities going on at the museum (Jim Clark and Dan Gurney lectures and autograph sessions), vintage cars, Art Sparks…includes 1930s engine rules and superchargers…Sparks Special, Chuck Weyant, most talented last row, 1980 last row, Lou Moore using nitrous?, using different fuel during qualifying and the race, follow ups, riding mechanics, Al Unser Jr. in 1992 helmet tether, Carl Hungness, James Hinchcliffe on radio.

Tuesday 5-19-2015
500 Oldtimers’ Club, Gurney Eagle question, follow-up on museum lectures, trophies from the early years, Borg-Warner Trophy, follow up on Art Sparks, Methodist Hospital ties to the 500, track medical facility, last front engine roadster to make a qualifying attempt.

Wednesday 5-20-2015
Purdue University All-American Band at Indy, Dinah Shore singing “Back Home Again in Indiana”, other performances of “Back Home Again in Indiana” including 1986, 1919, 1979, etc., Bob DeBisschop, classic audio from 1969 Indy time trials with Sid Collins, old timing and scoring, Mario Andretti and how he got into Formula One, etc., follow-up on “Back Home Again in Indiana”, Carl Williams, classic audio from 1973 pole day with Lou Palmer and Donald Davidson, Bud Tinglestad, David Letterman.

Thursday 5-21-2015
[E-mail/Twitter only show] 1996 Scott Brayton pole position run, unlimited boost and nitrous during qualifying, Mario Andretti’s 2003 flip crash, Masten Gregory and the 250 LM, rookie testing and the history of the Rookie Orientation Program (ROP), Tony Kinnington (riding mechanic), 1981 ABC-TV post race commentary controversy, 1982 “haze” in turn 3, Rudolf Caracciola and other German drivers in the 500, Dick Frazier, book recommendations, Nelson Piquet at Indy, Clermont Indiana connections to the 500, Robert Arbuthnot.

Friday 5-22-2015
No show (Carb Night Burger Bash)

Saturday 5-23-2015
No show (Night Before the 500 programming)
Reruns of “The 500 in 60” and “Heroes of the 500”

Sunday 5-24-2015
[Post-race drive home show] Driver press conference (Power, Kimball Rahal), general race discussion, lap leaders, observations, Honda, longest gap for two-time winner, Montoya career discussion, press conference (Montoya, Penske, etc.), Montoya follow-ups, Chevrolet, drivers that refused to drink the milk (includes Bobby Unser in 1981), general discussions, closest 1-2-3-4 finish, James Hinchcliffe, Greg Rakestraw watching the 500 during the blackout, rookie of the year voting, Montoya interview, 33rd place money, 33rd finishers with 0 laps (includes Jerry and Johnny Unser), attendance estimates, 1973 race rainout, all-time lap leaders standings, best battle between teammates, Montoya won with both Ganassi and Penske, statistical notes (winning car numbers, etc.), Ryan Briscoe, Hinchcliffe fill-in drivers, follow up on 1997 race (five cars with 0 laps completed), end of the Month of May accolades and other thanks, Will Power’s comment about getting the cars “back into the drivers’ hands”.

Monday 7-20-2015 (Brickyard 400 week)
Jim Clark’s foray into NASCAR (also Jochen Rindt), Geoff Brabham, first Rookie Orientation Program in 1981, Brabham-Honda (Judd) engine in 1987, Indy 500 drivers in the 1994 Brickyard 400, Danny Sullivan in 1994, Duke Nalon’s Mercedes (pre-WWII grand prix cars at Indy), race drivers that were singers, NASCAR album, Peter DePaolo singing “Back Home Again In Indiana” in 1971, Tony Bettenhausen Jr., follow up on singers (Kenny Brack’s band).

Tuesday 7-21-2015 (Brickyard 400 week)
Follow up on drivers that were singers (Floyd Roberts), follow up on Tony Bettenhausen Jr., history of the safety and rescue team, spotters that are/were former drivers, follow up on A.J. Foyt at the 1994 Brickyard 400 (bumped out Davy Jones), A.J. Foyt testing Dale Earnhardt’s car at the 1992 Brickyard test session, Champion Spark Plug 100 MPH Club, Peter DePaolo “singing” while driving story, Unser family, Swede Savage crash in 1973, Indy 500 drivers that made land speed record runs at Daytona Beach (includes Maude “M.A.” Yagle story), 1964 A.J. Foyt/Parnelli Jones exhibition harness race at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, USAC Stock Car Series.

Wednesday 7-22-2015 (Brickyard 400 week)
Discussion of the Jeff Gordon Day parade in Pittsboro IN, John Menard (includes Gary Bettenhausen in 1991 and Nelson Piquet in 1992-1993), history of Team Menard drivers, Josele Garza, 1990 Rich Vogler story – young Jeff Gordon practiced in Vogler’s car at IRP while Vogler participated in Time trials at the Speedway, George Robson, driving dirt races after 1970 (Foyt and Andretti in particular), Paul Goldsmith (includes Nichols Engineering run in 1961), Indy drivers that tried land speed record runs…again, closed course speed record, (Foyt Aerotech car), was there consideration for the USAC Stock Car race at the Speedway? (Yes)

Thursday 7-23-2015 (Brickyard 400 week)
Green car and peanuts superstitions (also car #13), Ashland Oil participation at the Speedway (Valvoline), Jeff Gordon parade in Pittsboro, 1994 Brickyard 400 Jeff Gordon pizza story, Donald meeting Jeff Gordon during his USAC days, rock marker near the old liquor store (where the track was planned to be built with Carl Fisher and Lem Trotter), daily drivers, Dan Wheldon’s 2011 winning car owned by San Schmidt, Mike Curb 2011 story (left the track early), Firestone tire store in Speedway IN owned by Rodger Ward and later owned by Mario and Aldo Andretti (also Parnelli Jones owning a Mastercraft store), IROC at Indy, Greg Moore in the IROC at Indy event, discussion about Jim Nabors returning for the 100th race in 2016, when did “Back Home Again in Indiana” become a big deal during the pre-race ceremonies?

Friday 7-24-2015 (Brickyard 400 week)
Significance of the Brickyard 400 on NASCAR, discussion with Bill France Jr. – 1994 prerace photograph was a “defining moment” of NASCAR arrival on the national stage, older NASCAR drivers appreciating being at the Speedway in 1994, the 1965 Wood Brothers pit stop “myth” (again), the famous 1909 photograph (“The Vision”) with Lewis Strang – location and significance, plug for Donald’s upcoming fall class, the Unser family in NASCAR, Safety Director Joe Quinn, also longtime Indiana media personalities (TV, radio, newspapers), Crawfordsville Indy banner, the 1992 and 1993 Brickyard 400 tests, Buck Baker feasibility test at Indy with Chrysler, longtime spectator attendance (70 consecutive years) follow up on Dan Wheldon’s 2011 winning car, Dale Jarrett and Todd Parrott kissing the bricks after the 1996 Brickyard 400, not another show until May?…”poopie.”

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