The Balloon Spectacle

One of the long-standing pre-race traditions at the Indianapolis 500 is the Balloon Spectacle. Thousands of multi-colored, helium-filled balloons are released into the air above the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The tradition dates back to the late 1940s. Anton “Tony” Hulman Jr. bought the Speedway in November 1945, shortly after the conclusion of World War II, … More The Balloon Spectacle

The Grass Strip

In 1957, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway underwent a major improvement along the frontstretch pit lane. Prior to 1957, the pit area was located along the inside of the mainstretch, and was not physically separated from the racing surface. Cars would simply pull over to the inside to be serviced. In the interest of safety and … More The Grass Strip

Green folding chairs

There is just something about those green folding chairs that we will all miss. The ongoing grandstand renovation project will eliminate most of these nostalgic green chairs. They date back to the 1950s. They replaced wooden chairs that were once used for the same purpose. They were used in the Penthouse upper decks (E stand, … More Green folding chairs

The new garages are…over 30 years old!?!

First published in 2016 Consider yourself somewhat fortunate if you had the privilege to see first-hand the old garages that stood at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway until 1985. The iconic green and white barn doors defined Gasoline Alley for many decades, including what most consider the “golden age” of Indianapolis. But as we approach the … More The new garages are…over 30 years old!?!

The Fastest 500s (Part 2)

The race record for the Indianapolis 500 was set in 2013 by Tony Kanaan (average speed 187.433 mph). The race featured a 133-lap caution free segment that spanned from lap 61 through 193, which greatly aided in the exceptional average speed. Two late-race caution periods stymied the torrid pace over the final seven laps, however. … More The Fastest 500s (Part 2)

The Fastest 500s (Part 1)

When it comes to fast races at Indianapolis, lately they’ve come in pairs. Case in point, 1990-1991, 2011-2012, and 2013-2014 (and perhaps even 2018-2019). Of those recent years, the four fastest Indy 500s to date have the unique distinction of being held in consecutive pairs, and have curious similarities. The race record for the Indianapolis … More The Fastest 500s (Part 1)

History of the 500 Episode Guide

For individual episode downloads, seeĀ Audio Downloads The Centennial Celebration (2011) Narrated by Kevin Lee, Scott Johnston, Matt Hicks, R.J. Crace, Mark Montieth Episode 1 – Introduction, Carl Fisher, construction of the track & 1909-1910 race, the 1911 race Episode 2 – 1912-1941, Early owners, Eddie Rickenbacker, Borg-Warner Trophy Episode 3 – Post WWII (1946-1949) and … More History of the 500 Episode Guide