2023 is the third season of Beyond The Bricks, starring Jake Query and Mike Thomsen. It followed Trackside With Curt Cavin and Kevin Lee nightly during the month May. In August, one week of shows aired during Brickyard week.

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May 2023 broadcast schedule (Mon-Fri):

  • 93.5 FM / 107.5 FM / 1070 AM The Fan WFNI
  • 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (EDT): Trackside with Curt Cavin and Kevin Lee
  • 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (EDT): Beyond The Bricks with Jake Query and Mike Thomsen

Beyond The Bricks

Date Day Episode
5-1-2023 Mon. Ray Harroun, Ralph DePalma, Tommy Milton
5-2-2023 Tue. Sid Collins
5-3-2023 Wed. Tommy Milton, Peter DePaolo, George Souders, Louis Meyer
5-4-2023 Thu. Floyd Davis, Mauri Rose, Bill Holland, Johnnie Parsons
5-5-2023 Fri. Indiana drivers: Wilbur Shaw, Pat O’Connor, Jimmy Daywalt, Bobby Grim
5-8-2023 Mon. Johnny Rutherford (Part 1)
5-9-2023 Tue. Johnny Rutherford (Part 2)
5-10-2023 Wed. Mutual radio broadcasts
5-11-2023 Thu. Paul Page
5-12-2023 Fri. Car owners: Harry Hartz, Bessie Lee Paoli, Maude “M.A.” Yagle, Al Dean, Colin Chapman, Mickey Thompson
5-15-2023 Mon. Drivers from the 1980s: Gordon Smiley, Danny Sullivan, Tony Bettenhausen, Kevin Cogan, Tom Bigelow, Pete Halsmer
5-16-2023 Tue. Years than end in “3”
5-17-2023 Wed. Drivers from the 1950s: Fred Agabashian, Tony Bettenhausen Jerry Hoyt, Jack McGrath, Ed Elisan, Paul Goldsmith
5-18-2023 Thu. Eddie Sachs
5-19-2023 Fri. Winners from the 1950s: Lee Wallard, Bill Vukovich, Bob Sweikert, Sam Hanks
5-22-2023 Mon. Indy Legends: A.J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, Al Unser Sr.
5-23-2023 Tue. Master Mechanics: George Bignotti, Clint Brawner, A.J. Watson
5-24-2023 Wed. Bill Holland, Cliff Bergere, Babe Stapp, Jimmy Reece
5-25-2023 Thu. People that worked behind the scenes: Al Bloemker, Clarence Cagle, Seth Kline, Sally Larvick, Paula Carr, Tony Hulman
5-26-2023 Fri. Decades starting with 1946
8-7-2023 Mon. Jigger Sirois, Cale Yarborough, Lewis Strang, Bryan Clauson
8-8-2023 Tue. Nigel Mansell, Matt Yocum
8-9-2023 Wed. Mario Andretti winning the 1967 Daytona 500; Johnny Rutherford at the 1963 Daytona 500
8-10-2023 Thu.
8-11-2023 Fri. Celebrating Parnelli Jones’ 90th birthday

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