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Monday 5-6-2013
Jerry Baker, Jim Hurtubise and the front-engined Mallard, the 1913 race and Jules Goux drinking champagne, Helene Yockey the widow of both Joe Russo and Billy Winn, racing widows, Rodger Ward in 1966, Andy Evans.

Tuesday 5-7-2013
No show due to Pacers playoff game.

Wednesday 5-8-2013
Follow-ups from Monday (Jerry Baker, Vincenzo Sospiri sleeping in his car, Andy Evans), Jerry Sneva and his qualifying atttempts, NASCAR drivers at the 500 (Kurt Busch), Richard Petty not wanting to drive in the 500, crew member from Sospiri’s team calls in, Bob Sweikert’s car from 1955, other pink cars in the 500, more on Billy Winn, Harry Butcher / the Butcher brothers, Hurley Heywood at Indy.

Thursday 5-9-2013
Indy drivers who have won in NASCAR…drivers also in other races (24 Hours of Daytona), Alex Morales, Louis Meyer’s spin in 1939 (shoes story), Emerson Fittipaldi’s winner’s photo shoot with $1 million dollars, car swaps like the Jeff Gordon / Juan Pablo Montoya Tradin’ Paint, photos of The Beatles, Kevin Cogan, car number #1 and how numbers were assigned.

Friday 5-10-2013
Kepler’s garage, 1971 Pace car crash, Salt Walther, tracks and drivers from Maryland, Michael Chandler, Norman Demler…also George Amick at Daytona 1959, Clint Brawner, Jerry Karl, Danny Ongais.

Saturday 5-11-2013
Opening Day…E-Mail Only Show…Recap of opening day activities, Fabrizio Barbazza, Juan Montoya taking the bus tour, rookie of the year who did not return again, Danny Sullivan with the Alfa Romeo in 1991, Buddy Lazier stretching his arms in 1996, Tim Richmond and Johnny Rutherford in 1980, urban legends about Indy, fans over the years (Snake Pit, etc.), car number with the most wins, 1956 Cagle’s Miracle, qualifying procedures and schedules over the years, Bill Carlson (kerosene story).

Sunday 5-12-2013
Green unlucky for cars, Maserati’s in the 1930 (drivers, owners, John Jacob Astor story), Len Terry, Jack Hewitt, Art Malone (also drivers still living who drove front engine cars), seat belt requirements, random call from “Bud”, Jungle park Raceway, location for flag man (rope bridge), Eldon Rasmussen, is Donald’s book in electronic format…second version coming out updated through 2013, follow-up on Baltimore, Rocky Moran, how many cars in the museum are replicas/etc.

Monday 5-13-2013
Steve and Sheldon Kinser, Japanese participation (including Chickie Hirashima), Eddie Sachs and Troy Ruttman in 1962, Joe Boyer in 1925 (also relief drivers and co-winners), painting names on the pit wall, Andy Granatelli’s 11 entries in 1968/69, one time winners vs. multiple winner (program cover of 2013 with multiple winners), last time two drivers were going for their 4th win, Donald’s road trip with Rich Vogler (Vogler’s theory on the USAC plane crash).

Tuesday 5-14-2013
No show due to Pacers playoff game.

Wednesday 5-15-2013
Tom Bagley (also drivers returning for the autograph sessions), follow-up on multiple drivers going for 4 wins (Johnny Rutherford), the 1978 USAC plane crash Rich Vogler story…the plane crash effect on formation of CART (doubtful), Mario Andretti’s side of the story about the Danny Sullivan 1985 spin and win, Jerry Grant, Al Spires of Firestone, Chevrolet brothers steering arm story, Mike Mosely, history of the Speedway golf course.

Thursday 5-16-2013
No show due to Pacers playoff game.

Friday 5-17-2013
Early years of Parnelli Jones, history of the Speedway Motel…The Beatles staying at the motel in 1964, Len Duncan, cars getting lapped, 60th anniversary of the IMS Radio Network, Ron Carrol, 1966 Jim Clark scoring controversy.

Saturday 5-18-2013
Pole Day – No show due to Time Trials running late and Pacers playoff game.

Sunday 5-19-2013
Bump Day – Drivers with very little practice time qualifying on the same day…also George Snider in 1981, former winners on the last row, Jack McGrath, father/son combinations in the race, local Indianapolis area drivers winning the race, Alberto Ascari and Juan Manuel Fangio at Indy…also other European/F1 drivers, drivers exiting the race early…2006 Hemelgarn/Carmelo Anthony cars, follow-up on former winners starting in the last row, ID of photo…Ed Wintergust the “Mayor of Gasoline Alley”, Speedway fatalities, Jerry Sneva, Bud Tinglestad, Mary Catherine “Mom” Unser…Indy chili, when did the green flag be used instead of the red flag, history of flagmen through the years, Monza 500, has there been a year where all cars finished (no), alternates…also Joel Thorne trying to buy his way into the 1937 race field, Spider Webb and Jungle Park, Sonny Meyer, Sheldon Kinser.

Monday 5-20-2013
A.J. Foyt only winner in front and rear engined cars, what car would Donald like to drive from the museum, Swift, Eddie Cheever and Bobby Rahal on Bump Day 1993, Al (Krulac) Miller, Leo Mehl of Goodyear, the #60 Wedge Turbine, Sarkes Tarzian, starting lineup by speed from top to bottom, Dick and Jim Rathmann, Bob Tattersall, follow up on Sheldon Kinser.

Tuesday 5-21-2013
Salt Walther, Pat Patrick and Gordon Johncock with STP, Dick Simon Racing shop at old Clermont fire station, Donald’s Indianapolis Star columns, Bob Collins of the Star, Scott Brayton, 1994 Mercedes Benz 500I, 1989 hypothetical finish with Mario/Foyt/Brayton.

Wednesday 5-22-2013
(Show only on 1070 due to Pacers playoff game). E-mail show only…discussion of the autograph session, the 1991 race including the Michael Andretti/Rick Mears outside passes, Gordon Johncock in 1991, history of pit stops through the years, Wood Brothers 1965 myths, George Robson didn’t get out of his car during pit stops in 1946, air/pneumatic jacks, brothers who led the race, aerial bombs at the start, longest stretch from rookie to race winner, Chuckie who sold newspapers on a tricycle bike, Gus Schrader, USAC spring champions on the pole.

Thursday 5-23-2013
E-mail only show; Cincinnati’s ties to the 500, 1916-1917 race could have been moved to board track in Cincinnati, Johnny Herbert in 2002, Bump Day 1968 rain delay, other late days on the track, Harlan Fengler, riding mechanics (during time trials, relief riding mechanics, etc.), follow-up on Rocky Moran, Russ Snowberger, Brabham Repco engine, Peter Revson rookie of the year in 1969, engine problems with the Marmon Wasp on race morning 2011, the Whittington brothers, Dick Summers.

Friday 5-24-2013
Show only on 1070 due to Pacers playoff game. Co-hosted by Mike Thompsen, Dempsey Wilson, Rene Dreyfus and Rene Le Begue in the 1940 race, Dick Jordan, Sid Collins, John Totten.

Saturday 5-25-2013
No show…marathon of The 500 in 60

Sunday 5-26-2013
Race day drive home show

Tuesday 7-23-2013 (Brickyard 400 week)
Jim Clark, Dave MacDonald (before 1964), Dario Franchitti at the 2007 IndyCar banquet, Roger McCluskey, Troy Ruttman, Mel Kenyon.

Wednesday 7-24-2013 (Brickyard 400 week)
A little mention of Wikipedia (“it’s much better than it was”), Marshall Teague, Lee Roy Yarbrough, Jack Fox and “The Illustrated History of the Indianapolis 500” book, USAC Stock Car races at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, P.J. Chesson, Jimmy Kite, J.J. Yeley, Bay Darnell, Jerry Worland.

Thursday 7-25-2013 (Brickyard 400 week)
Racing late in the day at the Speedway, Bobby Allison, Jack Bowsher, physical location of the start/finish line…has it moved over the years (yes), drivers in the Indy 500 and Brickyard 400 in the same year, Parnelli Jones hat story, Billy Roe, Ashley Judd.

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