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Monday 1-11-2016
Special episode of Trackside with Curt Cavin & Kevin Lee featuring Donald Davidson as in-studio guest with host Curt Cavin (no telephone calls). Carl Fisher, building and planning of the Speedway, early local automobile companies, Lem Trotter, Carl Fisher flat tire story, the “Mouse House” on 16th Street, other influential people at the Speedway, personalities Donald would have liked to have met, old tapes and films of previous races (namely 1986), Kevin Cogan, where Curt and Donald watch the race from, Eddie Cheever, Gordon Johncock, visitors to the museum (celebrities, drivers, relatives of drivers), museum expansion project, Town of Speedway redevelopment.

Monday 5-2-2016
100th running introduction, Wilbur Shaw [Paul in Racine], Shaw’s driving career, Shaw’s involvement in the sale of the Speedway to Tony Hulman, Hulman replacing Shaw as president of the Speedway, Cyrus Patschke [Mike in Vernon Hills], Donald as part of the 92-county promotional tour of Indiana, Arnie Knepper [Dave in Marion], René Le Bègue, 1992 the coldest race, year with the largest attendance (400,000 in 1988?).

Tuesday 5-3-2016
The Race of Two World at Monza, European entries from the Race of Two Worlds coming to the Speedway, Bobby Johns [Jerry in Delphi], John Cooper and Jack Brabham and the rear engine car, grandstands in turn three, oldest grandstands, updated version of the Illustrated History book, Donald’s Autocourse book, Jackie Stewart as a safety advocate and the reaction by officials and competitors at the time.

Wednesday 5-4-2016
Larry Rice memorial marker in Brownsburg, Frank Wheeler [Mike in Vernon Hills], 500 mile race in Cincinnati in 1917, possibly cancelling the 1917 race due to dispute with local hotels, Bill Cheesebourg, autograph session at museum, Paul Goldsmith (includes Daytona beach course, Nichols Engineering run at the Speedway), history of tickets at the Speedway, “International Sweepstakes”, previous year’s winner on the ticket, 2016 special tickets.

Thursday 5-5-2016
The Andretti Curse (including Clint Brawner’s wife “putting a hex” on the family), Sid Collins, Mutual Radio Network broadcasts, Sid’s broadcasting styles, Donald meeting Sid in 1964, Sid as an emcee, Fleetwood Sounds VanCamps Greatest Moments LP record, going back in time to meet a driver, John Mecum (including King Hussein of Jordan), Jackie Stewart in 1966, follow-up on autograph session at the museum, Bob Harkey [Mike in Vernon Hills]

Friday 5-6-2016
Jim Malloy, Dan Day, Larry Bisceglia, Bill Cummings, Tom Klausler, recollections of meeting Donald, the Snake Pit (including why there was a concentration of grandstands in turn one), streakers in 1974, when did the Borg-Warner Trophy go from a dull finish to a polished finish (during 1990s refurbishment?), Ed Elsian and the 1958 crash, the 27 living former winners and the three that seldom return to the Speedway (Johncock, Villeneuve, Hornish), Gordon Johncock 2002 interview, historian Charles Liddell.

Saturday 5-7-2016
No program

Sunday 5-8-2016
No program (Mother’s Day)

Monday 5-9-2016
Mike Barth and the black flag [Paul in Racine], Barth Electric suite, Bill Homeier [Mike in Vernon Hills], time of race and average speed measured from the first car crossing the starting line, Ted Prappas and his mother’s connections to James Stewart, Mauri Rose [Jerry in Delphi], EZY sign in 1947, Rose helping Juan Manuel Fangio, Earnest “E.A.D.” Eldridge, 2016 is 40th anniversary of Sid Collins’ final 500 (1976), Jacques Villeneuve driving 505 miles in 1995, pace car confusion in 1995 (includes Scott Goodyear), Wally Meskowski.

Tuesday 5-10-2016
1986 race postponed until the following Saturday, where will Kevin Lee and Bob Jenkins be on race day, the new public address system in the Pagoda, Mike Mosley in 1979, Bruce McLaren, Spike Gehlhausen, 1969 race with Mario Andretti and Andy Granatelli, Billy DeVore [Jerry in Delphi], the movie “Winning” with Paul Newman [Mike in Vernon Hills].

Wednesday 5-11-2016
The Movie “The Big Wheel” with Mickey Rooney, Mickey Rooney visit to the Speedway, overhead bridge on the backstretch, Decoration Day, old pace laps (one pace lap only), month of May programming, Penske team in the 1970s (includes Bobby Allison, Gary Bettenhausen, Sam Posey, Bobby Unser), Lou Palmer, drivers from West Virginia, Arlington Downs, follow-up on Paul Goldsmith, chief mechanic Larry Burton.

Thursday 5-12-2016
McLaren chassis, Penske team running McLaren chassis in the 1970s, why McLaren left Indy cars after the 1970s (includes Chris Amon, Carl Williams), Tom Sneva & Howdy Holmes at Mayer Motor Racing in 1984, origin of the wheel and wing logo (1909 Balloon Race program), aerial bombs, 1966 USAC Championship race at Fuji Speedway, George Souders (including Lafayette Jeff high school connection), Al Holbert and Tom Sneva in 1984, George Salih, laydown Offy.

Friday 5-13-2016
Chief stewards, Harland Fenglar, Tom Binford, Doug Zink, Chuck Marlowe, Danny Ongais (including 1996 replacement role), follow-up on Fengler/Ongais, Bob Sweikert, early Hulman years and the Terra Haute staff.

Saturday 5-14-2016
No program (Grand Prix post-race show)

Sunday 5-15-2016
No program (Mother’s Day)

Monday 5-16-2016
1953 Bill Vukovich pole run in the rain, Bobby Unser hit a bird in 1971, Bull Vukovich and Bill Vukovich II, (includes the origin of the term “Roadster”, Howard Keck), Gene Hartley (Donald shares a birthday, so does Takuma Sato), Mel Kenyon crash with Gordon Johncock in 1971, whereabouts of the Novi machines today, Tom Carnegie’s replacement(s) as public address announcer (Dave Calabro and Bob Jenkins), Cal Niday.

Tuesday 5-17-2016
History of the double-deck grandstands, PACER Light System, original purpose of the track (proving ground), original purchase of the land for the Speedway, Carl Fisher documentary (Lincoln Highway), Carl Fisher’s wife was not 15 years old, winning car signs along 16th Street, follow up on PACER lights and Gary Bettenhausen in 1972, Marshall Teague Championship Car test at Daytona in 1959, USAC Daytona races in 1959, Homer Joliff, Speedway photo collection, naked man on the top of the Borg Warner Trophy, Tim Cindric, Penske Shop in Charlotte, Scott Brayton.

Wednesday 5-18-2016
Racing Associates team, where does Donald view the race from (Pagoda), does Donald follow the other races, 1910 Marmon crash, 1911 Marmon Wasp and 1912 National winning cars ownership and displays over the years, Bowes Seal Specials, how did Donald follow the race while in Europe, The Mail Room, cars from the museum in movies, West Virginia drivers, Earl DeVore and the Pat Clancy Special (Six-wheeled cars), other 6-wheeled cars, screening of the movie “Winning” at the Speedway, Angelo Pizo involvement in a movie about the 1911 race, Donald as a projectionist, Porsche Indy Car team.

Thursday 5-19-2016
1950 Cummins Diesel and Jimmy Jackson, Ralph Mulford and Jack Cortner qualifying with no times, Amelia Earhart as the honorary referee (also Jackie Cochran, George Harrison, Jody Scheckter), T.E. “Pop” Myers (including him going to Europe and the 500 paying points towards the World Championship of Drivers from 1950-1960), states with the most 500 winners (KS, IN, CA, OH, PA), co-winners and relief drivers, longtime ticket holders in E-Stand.

Friday 5-20-2016
Donald receiving the Sagamore of the Wabash award, what 2nd and 3rd place have in common from the 1987 race, list of cars that drove in the race more than once, when did crews begin changing entire wheel assemblies instead of changing tires (also Ralph Mulford in 1911), first race win for Penske Racing, Phil Hedback pouring 200 silver dollars in Tom Sneva’s helmet in 1977, Water From Wilbur cup, years when the milk was not presented in victory lane, the six original cars on display at the first IMS Museum, drivers from a motorcycle background, Paul Goldsmith (being inducted in the Hall of Fame), Barry Briggs, when did car names start to go away, cars named “Special”.

Saturday 5-21-2016
Time Trials

Sunday 5-22-2016
Time Trials

Monday 5-23-2016
Derrick Walker and Walker Racing, Luke Walton (includes Walton coaching Tony Hulman for the starting command), Vukovich workbench photo from 1954, Indianapolis News newspaper in victory lane [Paul in Racine], Tom Bigelow, Lester Spangler, Mark Billman, Merle Belanger [Mike in Vernon Hills]

Tuesday 5-24-2016
Other major events that have reached 100 editions, Donald’s favorite races, 1960 race recap, Rodger Ward and A.J. Watson on race morning of 1964, Wood Brothers article setting the story straight about pitting the the 1965 Lotus Fords, the 1916 300 mile race, Gaston Chevrolet, Tom Beall’s diner, the White Front Bars, Ed Finley from Spearfish, Antares race cars, Seth Klein, honorary starters.

Wednesday 5-25-2016
People that are in town for the 500, 1977 race, winning chassis, Bob Riley and A.J. Foyt, ladies with hats in victory lane, Dennis Hulme in 1967, some old history of the early years of “Talk of Gasoline Alley” programs, origins of the IMS Museum, Mark Martin, Al Dean and the Dean Van Lines Special, Roger Penske 1965 rookie test (connection with Mario Andretti), Johnny Aitken, upcoming weekend events, Kennedy Tank Special, Chevrolet, Chester Ricker.

Thursday 5-26-2016
(E-mail/Twitter only show)
Show cancelled and replaced with an episode of “500 in 60” (the 1953 race).

Friday 5-27-2016
No show (Carb Night Burger Bash)

Saturday 5-28-2016
No show (Night Before the 500 programming)

Sunday 5-29-2016
(Post-Race Drive Home Show) Greg Rakestaw & Kevin Lee hosting; Discussion of Alexander Rossi’s victory, Scott Dixon hit wall, Castroneves/Hunter-Reay/Bell pit incident, general post race, Mark Jaynes visits, press conference coverage, “surprise” winners, field rundown, 1st & 33rd in consecutive years, 2011 Dan Wheldon and Mike Curb leaving the track story, J.C. Agajanian hog decals, (2011 and 2016), last lap under 180 mph, crowd estimate, Twitter comments, press conference coverage, statistics, morning vintage cars, four wins in a row, Andretti Autosport, cars that started 33rd and led the race, winners from California, starting position for winners, late lead changes, crown in victory lane, other trophies, Frank Lockhart, Twitter, rapid fire, final thoughts.

Monday 7-18-2016
(Hosted by Curt Cavin) Cavin’s Tony Stewart and Johnny Rutherford articles, Johnny Rutherford at the Daytona 500, Rutherford’s early years (includes with Smokey Yunick), Dave MacDonald, Indy drivers who have raced in NASCAR, NASCAR Speedway Division [Mike in Vernon Hills], Buck Baker drove the 1941 Indy 500 winning car to the NASCAR Speedway Division championship, early discussions about stock cars racing at Indy, early feasibility tests, 1992 and 1993 NASCAR tests at Indy, Johnny Mantz, Donald receiving the Sagamore of the Wabash award, Donald’s connections with Governor Mike Pence, study about the birth order of siblings and how that relates to auto racing drivers, fathers & sons as racing drivers, how people come to be a racing driver, Mike Thomsen’s Indy 500 autograph collection (604 of 763).

Tuesday 7-19-2016
Brief discussion of Jeff Gordon returning to the Brickyard 400 to substitute for the injured Dale Earnhardt Jr., retired drivers, hottest 500s/hot race day temperatures, Yankee 300 at IRP [Mike in Vernon Hills], USAC Stock Car division, Fronty Fords, winner interviews in the 1920s, early radio broadcast coverage, early victory lane celebration and presentations, history of victory lane locations, drivers who have driven in both the Indy 500 and Brickyard 400, Dario Franchitti in NASCAR.

Wednesday 7-20-2016
Joe Dawson, including 1930 flag color changes [Jerry in Delphi], 24 Hour runs, Stevens Trophy, Nichols Engineering run, 1989 Chevrolet trucks endurance run, Tony Hulman Challenge Trophy, Nissan run, Ken Schrader at Indy in 1983 [Paul in Racine], Ken Schrader early years [Mike in Vernon Hills], Marshall Teague, Sumar 180 mph at Daytona, Scott Dixon’s middle name.

Thursday 7-21-2016
Barney Oldfield…including Oldfield vs. DePalma ‘rivalry’…at Santa Monica, flag color changes, Eddie O’Donnell [Paul in Racine], Dale Earnhardt (Sr.) at 1995 Brickyard 400, Dale Sr. banquet story, Donald at 1995 Brickyard 400 as spotter, rain at 1995 Brickyard 400, Indy drivers in 1994 Brickyard 400, driving career of Chip Ganassi, Ganassi using car #83 due to his best finish at Indy being from 1983.

Friday 7-22-2016
Why didn’t Phil Hill come to Indy, Ferrari at Indy, Hill at Gilmore Speedway, 1960s NASCAR drivers who attempted Indy (including Bobby Allison and Donnie Allison), how Donald became interested in the 500, follow up on Neil Bonnett and Jerry Sneva in 1979, Robbie Stanley, USAC drivers other than Foyt and Andretti who won stock car races.


May 2016 Trackside episode guide


Date Topics
Mon. 5/2/2016 Month of May kickoff, Flying Toasters
Tue. 5/3/2016 Stefan Wilson, Anders Krohn
Wed. 5/4/2016 Graham Rahal
Thu. 5/5/2016 Max Chilton
Fri. 5/6/2016 Twitter questions
Sat. 5/7/2016 No show
Sun. 5/8/2016 No show
Mon. 5/9/2016 Allison Melangton
Tue. 5/10/2016 Alex Tagliani, Anders Krohn, James Hinchcliffe
Wed. 5/11/2016 Heather Carpenter
Thu. 5/12/2016 Dean Stoneman
Fri. 5/13/2016 Sage Karam
Sat. 5/14/2016 No show – Grand Prix
Sun. 5/15/2016 No show
Mon. 5/16/2016 GP recap
Tue. 5/17/2016 Jay Frye
Wed. 5/18/2016 Rich Feinberg, Conor Daly
Thu. 5/19/2016  Townsend Bell, Gabby Chaves, Lauren George
Fri. 5/20/2016 Allen Bestwick
Sat. 5/21/2016 No Show – Time Trials
Sun. 5/22/2016 No Show – Time Trials
Mon. 5/23/2016  Qualifying recap
Tue. 5/24/2016  Chris Windom
Wed. 5/25/2016  TV blackout lifted
Thu. 5/26/2016
Fri. 5/27/2016 Carb Night Burger Bash
Sat. 5/28/2016 No show – Night Before the 500 Programing
Sun. 5/29/2016 Race Day

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