With Dave “The King” Wilson.
1070 WIBC: Donald Davidson with Dave “The King” Wilson hosting (hour #1)
Network Indiana Shows (hour #2) during part of the month
Most shows take place at the Dreyer & Reinbold garage

5-1-2006 Mon (WIBC) – Flying Wheel logo, Pat O’Connor, George Bignotti, One-off cars, Ryan’s Trackforum plug/C+S Motorsports, Michael Greenfield, Will there ever be a different Pace car than a Corvette?, Buddy Lazier’s Viper, 6-wheeled cars, Pat Vidan.

Download 5-1-2006.mp3

5-2-2006 Tue (WIBC) – Greg Weld, 1958 O’Connor crash, Scoring Pylon, Jules Goux.

Download 5-2-2006.mp3

5-3-2006 Wed (WIBC) – 1958 Pat O’Connor crash, Bob Veith, Dick Simon, Baby Born at Speedway?, Tallest driver.

Download 5-3-2006.mp3

5-4-2006 Thu (WIBC) – USAC “24 Hour Rule”, Lowest starting position to lead the first lap.

Download 5-4-2006.mp3

5-5-2006 Fri (WIBC) – Barbershop/Chet Miller (D), Wilbur D’Alene, “Comebacks” from retirement (P), Controversy over Bill Puterbaugh’s car sold.

Download 5-5-2006.mp3

5-8-2006 Mon (WIBC) – Pat Flaherty, Peter Kreis, Living winners before 1970, Bobby Grim, 1946 Pace Car, Eldon Rasmussen.

Download 5-8-2006.mp3

5-9-2006 Tue (WIBC) – Changes in “Happy Hour” due to DST, Lap Prize money, More about Happy Hour, 1960 front row was late arriving, Chet Richer-appears in panorama photo twice, Jack Beckley (J).

Download 5-9-2006.mp3

5-10-2006 Wed (WIBC) – Pat Flaherty’s shamrock/500 Program, Bobby Unser vs. Andy Granatelli, Norm Hall.

Download 5-10-2006.mp3

5-10-2006 Wed (Network Indiana) – Paul from Wisconsin calling from Virginia: Leo Mehl, Dave from Marion…mechanic Don Brown, average speed without yellow laps (Donald takes a shot at CART red flagging the 2002 race at Fontana to try to set the 500-mile speed record), George Connor, Doc Williams, Wilbur Shaw keeping his plane at the Speedway, follow up on Jack Beckley, Smokey Yunick.

Download 5-10-2006 NI.mp3

5-11-2006 Thu (WIBC) – Sid Collin’s eulogy for Eddie Sachs, Ron Hemelgarn (P), Restoration status of the Marmon Wasp, Fred Agabashian, Mel Keneally.

Download 5-11-2006.mp3

5-11-2006 Thu (Network Indiana) – Dave from Marion: Rich Volger, 1966 Jim Clark and Al Unser and the scoring dispute (history of scoring methods), Tom Bigelow and his time with Rolla Volsted in the 1970s, The Oldtimer’s Club, Dick & Jim Rathmann, A driver who gets bumped is not a successful qualifying attempt, Michael Roe, Ed Elsian (drivers stopping to help other drivers), Cotton Henning part 1.

Download 5-11-2006 NI.mp3

5-12-2006 Fri (WIBC) – Novis/Fantasy 500, Bruce Walkup, the qualifying line spreading over two days, caution flag procedures over the years (PACER), Jimmy Murphy/Phil Caliva.

Download 5-12-2006.mp3

5-12-2006 Fri (Network Indiana) – Jerry from Delphi: Cotton Henning part 2, Dave from Marion: Johnny Thompson, Stevens house outside of turn 1, retired former 500 winners that came back to race again, and old photo of Donald, Rolla Volsted.

Download 5-12-2005 NI.mp3

5-13-2006 Pole Day Sat (WIBC) – (Pole Day rained out, TOGA used as filler during the afternoon) – Ray Harroun/Book recommendations, time trials occuring “late” or close to race day, 1968 time trials on a Monday, Donald’s trip around the world, Larry Rice interview, Michael Andretti lap leader stats, David Ward call in about Rick Muther/A.L. Freeman, Dave Argabright interview about the Chris Economacki bio, waited on hold to get no information about Mel Keneally, some driver told me he was “the first driver to hit 150 mph unofficially, then blew up down the backstretch” and Donald thinks he’s talking about Ralph Liguori, and denied the 150 mph claim, Drivers who dropped out on the parade/pace laps before the green flag, Clif Hucul, rain tires at Indy, Ronnie Duman (other drivers who owned homes in Speedway, Indiana), Sam Sessions, Entry fee for the race, Polesitters missing the race (only one was Brayton), Where are the drivers: Lloyd Ruby/Jim McElreath/Jim Hurtubise (he’s dead)/Stan Fox (he’s dead), more about Speedway residents, Pennzoil sponsored drivers in IRL years, recollections on old timers/A.J. stories, Donald Davidson’s life story.

Download 5-13-2006.mp3

5-14-2006 Time Trials Sun (WIBC) – Time Trials rained out, TOGA used as filler during the afternoon.

Download 5-14-2006.mp3

5-15-2006 Mon (WIBC) – Best racing films (“Grand Prix” premier), Union Carbide/500 Memorabilia, Corky Andretti calls in and tells the true story about the 1969 pace car (Mario did not trade it in, and Aldo got a flat tire on the way home), corrections about A.J.’s top tens from the day before, Bob Wente, Best drivers in regards to “time behind the winner”.

Download 5-15-2006.mp3

5-15-2006 Mon (Network Indiana) – Race with two white flags, hypothetical 1989 finish with Boesel, Mario, Foyt, and Brayton, Russ Snowberger, Mike Boyle, retired drivers returning to race again, green cars winning the race, Roger McCluskey, the barn over by the golf course, fire at Donald’s house…Ray Harroun photo lost in the fire, Vel Miletich.

Download 5-15-2006 NI.mp3

5-16-2006 Tue (WIBC) – Don Smith’s (from Terra Haute & the fairgrounds) involvement with the Sumar Special, replacement drivers for injured drivers / Will Donald come to “Camp and Brew?, Wagner Lockheed Brake Fluid and the Turbine (not another guy asking about the Turbine!), what was the second hard paved track in the U.S. (if IMS was the first). Arnie Knepper (J).

Download 5-16-2006.mp3

5-17-2006 Wed (WIBC) – USAC drivers racing at LeMans in 1960s / Rex Mays races at Riverside (which featured F1 particpants), Tires (too much of a “gearhead” question), driver or owner going on to noteriety after working at the race, i.e. Gen. Jimmy Doolittle, 1958 Pat O’Connor crash (abbreviated response), IRP road course.

Download 5-17-2006.mp3

5-17-2006 Wed (Network Indiana) – Bill Vukovich Jr., Lee Kunzman, Ted Field and Danny Ongais, the term “Specials”, A,J, Foyt with Goodyear tires in 1964.

Download 5-17-2006 NI.mp3

5-18-2006 Thu (WIBC) – More info about the IRP question from previous night, Bob Fletcher (P), Herb Porter, Bobby Marshman.

Download 5-18-2006.mp3

5-18-2006 Thu (Network Indiana) – Dave from Marion asks for an A.J. Foyt profile, Foyt’s Springfield/Milwaukee double with a dirt car (includes gas cap story), plug about Pace Car Reunion/Throwback Day, more on Foyt…1961 finish, other Foyt luck/wins, the terms: Track Roadster, Sprint Cars, Midgets, etc., Jean “Gene” Marcenac, 16th Street Speedway (both versions), is Danny Ongais at the track, Kevin Cogan…also imposter visiting the museum claiming he was Cogan.

Download 5-18-2006 NI.mp3

5-19-2006 Fri (WIBC) – NO WIBC show?

5-19-2006 Fri (Network Indiana) – Discussion about the Pace Car Reunion and Throwback Day, Jack Hewitt, 1974 race, 1979 qualifying cotroversy, riding mechanics, Ray Harroun and the rear view mirror, Lewis Strang, also Strang in 1909 photo of the model of the Speedway, Granatelli history at the Speedway, more talk about Throwback Day (ice cream with the wooden spoon), Paul from Wisconsin discusses Donald’s stand on the 1981 controversy, Jerry O’Connell (skipped), 1973 and 1982…driver killed on quaifying day and Gordon Johncock won both years, Phil Hedbeck dumping silver dollars into helmet for 150 mph/200mph and Janet Guthrie.

Download 5-19-2006 NI.mp3

5-20-2006 Sat (WIBC) – Pole day show

5-21-2006 Sun (WIBC) – Bump Day show

5-22-2006 Mon (WIBC) – Eddie Sachs, 1968-69 Chuck Booth’s Speedy’s Roasted Chicken Special, Lloyd Ruby ripping the fuel hose out in 1969, Don “The Rabbit” Brown, the Kevin Cogan crash at the start in 1982.

Download 5-22-2006.mp3

5-22-2006 Mon (Network Indiana) – Jerry O’Connell and Jud Phillips, story about drivers taking over Mike Mosely’s ride in 1975…Bobby Unser, Al Unser, Mario Andretti at Michigan/Trenton/Phoenix, Sugeripe Prunes reference, more Mike Mosely memories, Dave from Marion asks about Johnny Boyd (again), last front-engined car to make a qualifying attempt.

Download 5-22-2006 NI.mp3

5-23-2006 Tue (WIBC) – First driver to hit the SAFER Barrier (Robbie McGehee) / starting grid in exact order of speed rank from top to bottom, 1971 pace car crash, driver waved off due to lack of speed, Joe Langley, A.J. Foyt in 1964 wearing a Goodyear uniform but using Firestone tires / 1967 great drivers that failed to qualify, most Indy car race winners in the field, who was the most debonair driver, when did they start and stop using the term “Special,” the alternate in the 2006 race (not used anymore).

Download 5-23-2006.mp3

5-24-2006 Wed (WIBC) – Relief drivers, Bobby Grim, asking about what type of milk the drivers desired in victory lane (what would happen if there was a lactose intolerant driver or someone with a milk allergy), highest car counts, Menopause Manor sign (question ignored), who paid $5000 for a garage without a car? (question ignored), Jigger Sirios (short answer), Troy Ruttman, origin of the command “Gentlemen Start You Engines” (Donald doesn’t fully answer), Belond Special, the old and new garages (1985), what if the race ended in a tie (unlikely), who was burned in the 1919 race, Rick Mears 1981 pit fire (fuel nozzle).

Download 5-24-2006.mp3

5-24-2006 Wed (Network Indiana) – When did the jet dryer come along, races that had rain delays, Babe Stapp, prominent owners who never won the 500, TV history of the 500.

Download 5-24-2006 NI.mp3

5-25-2006 Thu (WIBC) – ?

5-25-2006 Thu (Network Indiana) – Dave: Gary Bettenhausen, Pat Patrick, the Pat Clancy 6 wheeled car, Ernie Tripplet, Darrell Wibel, Jerry: Fred Frame, Chuck Booth, John Menard/Herm Johnson.

Download 5-25-2006 NI.mp3

5-26-2006 Fri (WIBC) – Carb Day recap from IMS Radio Network, Bill Cantrel, Donald’s stories about meeting with various Pre-WWII Indy 500 winners or their relatives, Donald’s stories about Ray Harroun, last upright dirt car in the race, Leo Goossen of Offenhauser, tallest and shortest winners of the 500, Fred Frame, how many drivers have led a lap, as seen in the 1936 film “Speed,” what were the drivers pumping on the car (oil pump).

Download 5-26-2006.mp3

5-26-2006 Fri (Network Indiana) – Pat Patrick again, Gordon Johncock’s 1973 dinner at Burger Chef, Mark Donohue 1972, driver with the most attempts before actually qualifying…most attempts with never qualifying, effort to document relief drivers, Johnny Sawyer, drivers named Smith and Mark Smith of 1993-94 and his father (Spruce Goose), Johnnie Parsons Sr….Donald’s trip around the world.

Download 5-26-2006 NI.mp3

5-27-2006 Saturday – All Night Race Party (1984, 1976, 1996 race replays) The 1984 race, Michael Andretti and the rookies in 1984, Max Beaver, the 1984 Pontiac Fiero pace car, Pat Bedard, memories, Emerson Fittipaldi, Paul Page (“Intercourse Racing”), Bob Lowell, 1976 memories, Janet Guthrie in 1976, Paul Page’s tenure as a pit reporter, 1976 memories, Sally Larvick and Nicole Manske

5-28-2006 Sun (WIBC) – POST RACE DRIVE HOME SHOW – interviewS with Max Papis, Aldo Andretti, Ed Carpenter, Arie Luyendyk, Eddie Cheever, Vince Welch, Kevin Lee, Linda Conti, etc. Donald came on at 6:30 pm…brief recap of the finish, Peter Revson, youngest winner, closest 3-car finish, winners from the pole, most top tens/most consecutive top tens, Al Loquasto, questions about the race, how many bricks in the track, car #6 winning the race, questions about pit exit rules, the Jigger Sorois question…again, Scott Sharp, Mark Smith…again, questions about how Hornish came back to win, City of Kenosha Special, Michael Andretti with 3 cars in the top 5.

Download 5-28-2006.mp3

Notes… Show was on News/Talk 1070 WIBC AM.
-Dave “The King” Wilson was the host.
-Several shows were pre-empted or shortened due to Pacers playoff games.
-The typical running time for an hour-long show was about 21-24 minutes (when you subtract out news, weather, traffic, and commercials).
-Podcasts downloadable online for the first time

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