From Byrd/McCormack garage

[Monday 5-22-2000]
Jim Hurtubise’s bar and lounge set up in the old garage area ca. 1974 / the beer engine in 1972 (Paul in R), 40th years since Johnny Rutherford and Jim McElreath first came to the Speedway in 1960…1960 scaffolding collapsed (connection to JR and his future wife Betty), Race and home Pacers basketball game at the same time, yellow flags on the grandstands (“P” for “Paddock”), any year with no rookies, Stark and Wetzel rookie of the year award…year’s supply of free meat from the meat market, Gene Force, in-show guest Buzz Caulkins, Tom Carnegie milk/cow “show us your udders” commercial.

[Tuesday 5-23-2000]
Jim Clark testing the Turbine at IMS just prior to his death, 1961 race Foyt/Sach battle, in-show guest Andy Hillenberg, Carl Fisher’s grave at Crown Hill Cemetary, infield used as airstrip, possible fatal plane crashes at IMS during WWI

[Wednesday 5-24-2000]
Mel Gibson starring in an Indy 500 movie? Jim and Dick Rathmann did not adopt the names legally, Lou Moore only owner to win three straight, Tony Bettenhausen car identification question, a caller asks about a driver from the 30s – Donald’s never heard of him, 1967 Parnelli Jones dropping out, where was AJ at that moment and Dan Gurney’s performance that day, Al Putnam, Lou Palmer, more on Andy Hillenberg.

[Thursday 5-25-2000]
Bellanger with the Blue Crown team…opps..from Crown Point Indiana, follow up on the 1967 final lap crash, Roger McCluskey, strange question about how much money the pit crew drivers would get per tire changed, Danny Kladis, does Andy Grantelli still own any of the original Novi cars, most experienced field, Jochen Rindt/Ronnie Buckman, 1969 Brawner Hawk “illegal” radiator placement on race day

[Friday 5-26-2000]
Unusual cars in 1963 and 1964 (Mickey Thompson cars), Dick Simon being questioned by FBI agents for being D.B. Cooper, how USAC came to be after AAA, Bruce Keene riding mechanic from 1911, car numbers of the first four qualifiers in the 2000 race…1 9 11…plus 32 in fourth, Jim Clark approached Dave MacDonald to get out of the car in 1964? Possibility of 3 first time winners in a row, Joe Baker Engineering, ZOE on Mario Andretti’s helmet, story about Patrick Racing intentionally causing turbulence by mounting the exhaust pipes on the side, Floyd Davis

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