With Dave “The King” Wilson. Some episodes at the WIBC studios, some at the track in the Hemelgarn garage

[Thursday 5-2-2002]
Billy Vukovich II, Vita Fresh Orange juice cars, STP Turbines…again, non-Indy cars at the IMS museum, points system for the “best” driver ever, Donald’s favorite driver?, history of Ferrari at Indy and Ferrari drivers, riding mechanics, story about Bobby & Al Unser as factory representatives in 1975-1976 for Renault…Bobby Unser known for trashing rental cars and courtesy cars, Peter Revson.

Friday 5-3-2002
No show due to Pacers game?

[Saturday 5-4-2002]
Parnelli Jones after the Turbine, Bobby Unser and the Hotel Tropicana Special, Joe Langley, Pat O’Connor, change of the schedule for the month of May, “The Steward”?, mechanics taking cars home, celebrities kissing the winner in victory lane, victory banquet, furthest back to lead the first lap, question about Sarah Fisher, Eldon Rassmussen, last name Smith, the Turbine in 1967-1968…again.

[Sunday 5-5-2002]
Opening day and changes in the schedule, speeds jumping from year to year, discussion about the new SAFER Barrier, years with most/least/no bumps and qualifying attempts, Art Pollard, the 1962 race, Jones & Malley Special car mounted on top of the Safety Auto Glass Company building, how does Opening Day rate with previous opening days (most cars, etc.), Tony Bettenhausen Sr, Teddy Tetzlaff and David Bruce-Brown, closest finish.

[Monday 5-6-2002]
The 1977 Foyt winning car (represented by multiple cars), Smokey Yunick and mechanics testing the cars on the track, the IMS Museum being expanded someday, trophy being polished, Merle Bellanger, Tom Carnegie, first year of yellow caution lights, do they use a photo to make the likeness for the trophy and other trophy discussion, Jim Hurtubise’s son Andy, how did Donald get interested in Indy.

[Tuesday 5-7-2002]
Indianapolis News newspaper with headline of the winner available at the track after the race (1954-1973), Dan Gurney/Jerry Grant’s “The Mystery Eagle”, Maxwell Special from New Castle Indiana, the 1958 start troubles and the Pat O’Connor accident…Ed Elisian and his personal troubles.

Wednesday 5-8-2002

[Thursday 5-9-2002]
George/Benny Benefield claimed he had the “altitude” record (crashing over the wall) at the track, Joe Gosek, Turbine car running on gasoline in 1968?, more on the Ed Elisian and the crash in 1958, Davy Jones, record number of entries, Mauri Rose the only Jewish winner?…other Jewish drivers (Eddie Sachs), scoring procedures of the first 500 and the scoring dispute (Ray Harroun/Ralph Mulford controversy), number of bricks at the start/finish line = 562.5 (62.5 bricks per row), still more about 1958.

[Friday 5-10-2002]
Rene Le Begue and Rene Dreyfus in 1940, winning/non-winning drivers still living (too much to answer), winning engines…V-8, V-6, I-4, I-8, etc., Sam Hanks in 1957, Jack Adams turbine car from 1969 and 1970, Mauri Rose, Lloyd Ruby, follow-up…winners still living, Ray Harroun living in Findlay, Ohio, A.B. Couture driving the pace car in 1941, Felice Nazzaro, information about riding mechanic from 1911.

[Saturday 5-11-2002] (Pole Day Time trials)
Has the first driver out to qualify won the pole in previous years?, Rolla Vollstedt, starting position with the most winners (pole), has the field ever been filled to 33 cars on pole day, 1971 pace car crash, Jigger Sorois (again), last car to qualify under 200 mph, rookie pole winners, the Jim Hurtubise Bump Day incidents, Salt Walther stuck in line on Bump Day 1977 (James McElreath Jr. ‘using up time’ to keep him off the track and settle a hotel bill debt), most second place finishes, lowest speed rank for the pole winner (Jerry Hoyt in 1955), Johnny Rutherford’s last race and his current duties, Jean Mercenac and the Novis, the new flagstand (built in 2001), the Borg-Warner Trophy and a new base coming soon.

Sunday 5-12-2002: Time trials

[Monday 5-13-2002]
More on Jewish drivers, Tony Hulman & A.J. Foyt relationship, Tony Hulman stories, Ed Crombie and Ken Hamilton (oddball cars), Sammy Swindell at Indy with the normally aspirated stock block Pontiac in 1987, Drake V-8 engine, why they went to 3 days of time trials…instead of going back to 4 days, Tom Sneva, Scott Brayton, “T” cars, more on Brayton.

[Tuesday 5-14-2002]
The 1960 race, Eddie Sachs fuel in the 1964 race (Marathon fuel)…Enco fuel was “A Tiger in Your Tank”, Bruce Walkup, Greg Leffler, underrated drivers (Mario Andretti, Rex Mays, Lloyd Ruby, Dan Gurney, Hurtubise, Mosely, Gary Bettenhausen, etc.), Mario Andretti and Al Unser Sr in the Formula 5000 series, longest continuous sponsor for a car…when did they stop using the term “Special”, first year for the starting command ‘Gentlemen Start You Engines’ (partial answer), Jack McGrath, Parnelli Jones.

[Wednesday 5-15-2002]
Tim Richmond, Kevin Cogan, Donald makes vroom noises (his very good roadster impression), co-winners in 1924 and 1941 versus other years where relief drivers were used, Dutch Bauman, Billy Carson, Louis Chevrolet car the Cornelian, Dennis Firestone, Ken Schrader in 1983.

[Thursday 5-16-2002]
Helio Castroneves visits for an interview, Gil de Ferran visits for an interview, Donald jokingly gives answers for the ‘same old questions they get every time’, no calls taken during the show.

[Friday 5-17-2002]
A.J. Foyt in 1964 – oil tank removed between time trials and race day / Mario Andretti’s 1969 winner with radiator moved underneath, lap leaders from 1955, Bill Vukovich’s owners, last year Jim Hurtubise participated, starting positions that have not won the race, story about a riding mechanic who was involved in a fatal crash but ‘woke up in the morgue’ (Donald not aware of the story), previous winners of the 24 Hours of Le Mans competing at Indy, Janet Guthrie & Sarah Fisher meeting, original 1952 pace car whereabouts, George Souders, winners born in Indiana, George Robson, Andy Hillenberg, Antares (Don Gates) computer designed car in 1972.

Saturday 5-18-2002: Time trials

Sunday 5-19-2002: Time trials

[Monday 5-20-2002]
1913 Mason car that was in the 1914 race by Eddie Rickenbacker loaned to the Indiana State Museum, John Andretti’s best finishes (has he ever beaten the other Andretti’s…yes), pole winners/fast qualifiers that have also been on the bubble, is Donald related to Jarred Davidson (no), Lee Wallard, story about Ray Harroun in 1947…recalling the story of Donald attending Harroun’s funeral, connection between Carl Fish and Sarah Fisher (unknown, probably not), Clessie Cummins and the Cummins Diesel…longest test at the Speedway…Dave Evans and the 1931 Diesel effort (500 miles without a pit stop), “Back Home Again In Indiana”…the 1919 performance, 1946 pre-race ceremonies, 1955 pole day qualifying situation with Jerry Hoyt.

Tuesday 5-21-2002

Wednesday 5-22-2002

Thursday 5-23-2002

Friday 5-24-2002

[Saturday 5-25-2002]:
“All-Night Race Party” (Replays of the 1960 and 1971 radio broadcasts)

Donald discusses the 1960 scaffolding collapse (including Betty and Johnny Rutherford), WIBC morning crew visits (Jeff Pigeon, Steve Simpson, Terri Stacy), Paul Page & Bob Jenkins remember the 1982 finish, Rodger Ward stalling his engine in the 1960 race and the Ward/Rathmann duel, Page & Jenkins discuss the radio network, tires, Jim Hurtubise, 1960 Oldsmobile pace car, interview with James Garner, Page discusses Sid Collins and joining the radio network, movie stars (and beginning in 1960 the 500 Festival Queen) kissing the winner in victory lanes, Page & Jenkins discuss celebrities in the broadcast booth, the concrete blocks with celebrity handprints/footprints, Stark & Wetzel Meats commercial; Max Beaver, Mike King, and Bob Lovell visit the studio at midnight; Donald discusses how Johnny Thompson became a factor in the 1960 Rodger Ward/Jim Rathmann duel, and how Ward’s experience with tire testing allowed him to make it to the finish, Aerosmith Dodge commercial, discussion of Steven Tyler’s 2001 national anthem controversy, Page & Jenkins singing the “Stark & Wetzel” meats theme and “The 500” song, the nickname of Jim Hurtubise (“Herk”), also brief mention of the Hurtubise beer engine and using an extra garage space for a bar, interview with Sam Hornish Jr., interview with Kevin “Rocket” Blanch, interview with Jared Fogel (from Subway).

Sunday 5-26-2002: Race day

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