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7-8 pm: Trackside with Curt Cavin & Kevin Lee
8-9 pm: The Talk of Gasoline Alley

Monday 4-28-2014
No show due to Pacers playoff game

Tuesday 4-29-2014
(Email only show) Discussion of Donald’s IUPUI class, was Gaston Chevrolet a naturalized U.S. citizen at the time his won the race?, film footage of races before WWI, films of races from 1930s, WGN radio at Indy in 1922 and early radio broadcasts, Happy 50th 500 for a listener, spectators with over 50 years in attendance, 500 compared to Kentucky Derby, Fred Frame, Donald in the booth in 1964, Al Holbert & Porsche Indy team, right foot braking, Honorary Referee…including Amelia Earhart in 1935, Jim Rigsby, milk tradition in the early years, Water From Wilbur, Bobby Unser didn’t drink the milk in 1981, trivia: Dario Franchitti’s top 5’s and speed intervals by A.J. Allmendinger, Cal Niday, Tucker Special.

Wednesday 4-30-2014
Two-seater rides, Johnny Boyd [Dave from Marion], average number of laps completed by last place finisher, Greg Ray in 2000, Bob Wente, David Bruce-Brown, history of back Home Again in Indiana & Jim Nabors’ final 500, the book “Black Noon” and Eddie Sachs.

Thursday 5-1-2014
No show due to Pacers playoff game

Friday 5-2-2014
(Curt Cavin sits in for Kevin Lee as host) Tommy Hinnershitz [Dave from Marion], Charlie Brockman, Shorty Templeman, Evel Knievel at Indy, the movie “Rush”, the film documentary “Senna”, Jim Hickman, Carl Fisher’s Miami boat race with Indianapolis drivers, Mickey Rooney and “The Big Wheel”, Donald and Kurt Twitter selfie, board tracks, Frank Arciero.

Saturday 5-3-2014
No show scheduled

Sunday 5-4-2014
No show scheduled

Monday 5-5-2014
No show due to Pacers playoff game

Tuesday 5-6-2014
1964 A.J. Foyt Novi tire test, Bill Vukovich Jr., Jerry Unser, Bobby Unser early career, Speedway during WWI, early years European connections, Johnny Unser, George Bignotti, NASCAR Winston Cup champions at Indy.

Wednesday 5-7-2014
No show due to Pacers playoff game

Thursday 5-8-2014
No show due to NFL Draft coverage

Friday 5-9-2014
No show due to NFL Draft coverage

Saturday 5-10-2014
Grand Prix post race shown

Sunday 5-11-2014
No show scheduled

Monday 5-12-2014
Remembering A.J. Watson, Donald almost got a job on the Watson crew in 1964, Don Freeland, Buddy Lazier watch story, Dave from Marion disconnected, the old restaurant under the Tower Terrace, Darl Wibel, a thank you call, drivers winning two Indy/Championship races in the month of May.

Tuesday 5-13-2014
No show due to Pacers playoff game

Wednesday 5-14-2014
Follow-up on drivers winning two races in the month of May, Chuck Hulse [Mike from Vernon Hills], Bob Harkey, Donald coming to Indy…5/15/14 will be 50 years to the day, living drivers who raced front and rear-engine cars, Bob Christie [Dave from Marion], Walter Cronkite at the Speedway, other celebrities receiving ovations from the crowd (1980 U.S. hockey team, Oscar Robertson, O.J. Simpson, etc.), year with the biggest crowd (maybe 1988 with 420,000), Lindsey Hopkins, Kevin & Donald lost power.

Thursday 5-14-2014
No show due to Pacers playoff game

Friday 5-16-2014
(with Curt Cavin) History of rear engine cars – early years, Rudolf Caracciola, sale of the Speedway in 1945 – other interested buyers, information about the shutdown during WWII, Tony Hulman financing the purchase.

Saturday 5-17-2014
Time Trials

Sunday 5-18-2014
Time Trials

Monday 5-19-2014
Donald’s two seater ride with Mario Andretti, remembering Jack Brabham, 1994 Mercedes-Benz 500I engine and the book “The Beast”, Al Unser Jr. and Emerson Fittipaldi failing to qualify in 1995, Al Dean, possibility of bumping in 2016, Jack Adams Turbine car at museum, Le Mans Ferrari at IMS Museum, Louis Chevrolet Memorial, Denny Zimmerman, NASCAR Indy/Charlotte crossovers in the 1960s and 1970s.

Tuesday 5-20-2014
No show due to Pacers playoff game

Wednesday 5-21-2014
Rundown of events coming up on race weekend, Kelly Petillo…including grandma, Mel Kenyon (including 1968 Dennis Hulme pit stop story), 1986 Tom Sneva pace lap crash and why they refilled the fuel tanks, 2014 race has three drivers (Tony Kanaan, Jacques Villeneuve, Juan Pablo Montoya) who won the last time they were in the race, other years with similar situations, Lloyd Ruby, Billy Englehart.

Thursday 5-22-2014
(Email only show) Biggest upset/surprise winners, Galmer 1992 story, Mark Donohue, Elmer George…also Speedway bus track tours and Public address system during practice, music bands sponsoring cars (Aerosmith), Canadians in the 500, traditions Donald would like to see return, Speedway Motel and other motels/hotels in the vicinity of the Speedway (Holiday Inn/Classic Motor Inn, Howard Johnson), Juan Manuel Fangio’s attempt at the 500, did Gilles Villeneuve express interest in the 500, vender setting up along 16th Street along Georgetown Road…also 16th Street Speedway and Donald’s old house, cars continuing to race after the winner receives the checkered flag.

Friday 5-23-2014
Co-Host Greg Rakestraw, Bing Crosby and Bob Hope doing a war bonds rally at the Speedway in 945, rivalry between Barney Oldfield and Ralph DePalma, Paul Newman’s driving career, Pancho Carter, Gus Hoffman, Legends Day discussion, qualifying races at Milwaukee, 35 cars in 1979 race, Mike Nazaruk.

Saturday 5-24-2014
No show (night before 500) Marathon of “500 in 60” episodes

Sunday 5-25-2014
(Race Day Post-race Drive Home show) Red flag discussion, Green-white-checkered discussion, Local television live coverage blackout, Ryan Hunter-Reay press conference, average speed discussion, yellow flag/cautions records, Rookie of the Year, best all-time “Double Duty” results, Townsend Bell crash, statistical milestones/notes, more caution-free/average speed discussions,pace car driver during caution periods, spotters (Buddy Rice), Ed Carpenter/James Hinchliffe crash, Sage Karam, dumb ‘right turn’ call, over 200 mph average as of lap 170, Jim Hurtubise, 1976 yellows, actual measured distance, 1964 winning car, historic cars from race morning, does the 1967 Turbine run, crowd and DW-12 races, four-time winners waits, Helio Castroneves retro Pennzoil paint scheme, final reflections on the month of May.

Monday 7-21-2014 (Brickyard 400 week)
Red Byron, Tony Hulman riding in the pace car operating a film movie camera in the truck, the book “Black Noon”, Roscoe Sarles, the nickname “Brickyard”, the idea to leave one yard of bricks at the start/finish line, where replacement bricks are unearthed from, retaining wall, remembering Gary Lee (includes local television coverage of practice and qualifying), remembering James Garner, Bill Simpson, Scott Brayton.

Tuesday 7-22-2014 (Brickyard 400 week)
Terra Haute Action Track, Chris Economacki, National Speed Sport News, Bill Holland and Mauri Rose “rivalry” at the Lou Moore Blue Crown Spark Plugs team (includes ASPAR in 1947, EZY sign, and Tony Bettenhausen Sr. not being on the team), Gordon Van Liew and the Vita Fresh Orange Juice Special (also Tony Bettenhausen Jr.), married women in the 500, drivers with top 10s in both the 500 and 400, drivers who led both 500 and 400, the new pylon.

Wednesday 7-23-2014 (Brickyard 400 week)
Public address system discussion, Buddy Baker, NASCAR regulars coming to the 500 (Double Duty, Crossovers, and pre-World 600 years), did A.J. Foyt lead first Brickyard 400 (no), Brickyard 400 PPG Trophy, kissing the bricks, Bob Burman, IROC at Indy.

Thursday 7-24-2014 (Brickyard 400 week)
How NASCAR came to Indy, Donald spotted for Bob Lamey in turn 4 (radio) for the first Brickyard 400, memories of the first Brickyard 400, Jimmy Reece, Fred Lorenzen at the Speedway.

Friday 7-25-2014 (Brickyard 400 week)
[Curt Cavin sits in for Kevin Lee as co-host] Origins of the infield road course and the original 1909 plans for a road course layout, more on 1992 & 1993 Brickyard tests, history of the pylon, the new pylon, recognizable landmarks at the Speedway (includes the Master Control Tower, new garage area, trees in turn one), wind sock on the top of the pylon…also Prest-O-Lite chimney smokestack on Main Street, Celebrities Donald has seen/met at the Speedway museum (includes some history of Donald as a projectionist), drivers with knowledge of the history of racing, Yankee 300 at Indianapolis Raceway Park, Donald’s IUPUI class.

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