With Dave “The King” Wilson.

5-2-2005 Riding mechanics as relief drivers, Riding mechanics as future qualifiers for the 500, History of qualifying format/procedure, Riding mechanics still living, Pat O’Connor, Jim Robbins Special.

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5-3-2005 No show due to Pacers game

5-4-2005 Botany 500 turbine car, Percent of female drivers qualified vs. entered, Victory Banquet, Wildcat chassis, Les McTaggart/ March cars, Jimmy Jackson, Peter Revson.

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5-5-2005 No show due to Pacers game

5-6-2005 Bob Wilke, Cliff Bergere, Salem 1955 – Pat O’Connor, Sam Posey, Freddie Agabashian and Duane Carter, Johnny Morrow.

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5-7-2005 No show due to Pacers game

5-8-2005 Swede Savage and Art Pollard’s children, Kelso Auto Dynamic Special, Studebaker at the 500, Bud Moyer, Danny Ongais, Longest gaps between starting years for drivers, Jimmy Caruthers, A.J. Watson’s birthday, Ralph Liguori, Bruce Jacobi.

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5-9-2005 Ronnie Bucknum, Jim Hurtubise (short show due to Pacers game)

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5-10-2005 1916 300 mile race, “Gentlemen Start Your Engines”, Drivers’ assumed names, Dorie Sweikert/ Book, Bob Sweikert, Tony Bettenhausen’s three errors in judgement.
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5-11-2005 No show due to Pacers game

5-12-2005 Cummins Diesel cars, 1909 plans for IMS road course, T-car numbers, Greg Lefler, A. E. Moss, Besement Bessie, Longest-term of all IMS track starters.

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5-13-2005 No show due to Pacers game

5-14-2005 1958 Start, Duane Carter/Paul Russo, Safety Auto Glass Special, Dick Summers, Longest time between 500 starts for a driver, Town of Speedway Driver Signs, Lloyd Ruby nicknames, Free admission of carb day, Hurst Floor Shift Special, Charlie Brockman, Formation of Speedway Radio Network, Origin of checkered flag, Last silver car in the 500.

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5-15-2005 No show due to Pacers game

5-16-2005 Most laps led by a driver who never won, Andy Granatelli as a driver, Sarafov Special, Jack Turner, Lola chassis wins, A.J. Shepherd, Don Shepherd, Origin of B/W aerial photo.

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5-17-2005 No show due to Pacers game

5-18-2005 Rex Mays, Billy Englehart. “Sportsman drivers”, Ray Crawford, STP decal on the Borg-Warner, John Totten.

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5-19-2005 1953 heat, Sachs/MacDonald, Winners who did not run in the full champ car series, Clyde Peakstaff, Official starters of the 500 (short show due to Pacers game).

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5-20-2005 Number of times fastest qual time not the polesitter, Norman Batten/ Earl DeVore shipwreck, Chickie Hirashima, First “Gentlemen Start Your Engines”, Airport at Lafayette and Georgetown Road, Dave MacDonald, Name of race other than “Indianapolis 500”?, Gene Hartley, Gene Force, Lyn St. James.

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5-21-2005 Female winners to date?, Barney Oldfield, Bob Harkey, Peter Revson, Race winners w/ fastest qualifying speed not on the pole, 1968 Turbines – fuel used, Last driver who was his own Chief Mechanic, Highest number of practice laps in one day, IMS collectables.

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5-22-2005 unknown

5-23-2005 Past purse amounts, Hot Air balloon picture, Mel Kenyon, Jim Crawford.

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5-24-2005 Purse amounts/ lap prize awards, Ferrari, Rex Mays aviation career/ Chuck Stevenson, Troy Ruttman, Rookie class of 1965, James Dean at speedway?, History of golf course, Last start of an alternate.

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5-25-2005 Mike Mosely, 100, 150 and 200 mph records, Most relief driver appearances, Drivers who drove relief but never started the race, Qualify for a rookie?, Ray Harroun, Vince Granatelli cars, Jovy Marcello, USAC air crash.

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5-26-2005 Donald’s favorite races?, Eddie Rickenbacker, Dick Simon (short show due to Fever game).

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5-27-2005 1974 Qualifying, First ground effect cars, Don Vogler, Three series champs together in front row who were not winners, Donald’s knowledge stored away?, Roger Rager, Three race winners on the track in one day, Jim Allison/ Carl Fisher, Foyt/Harroun.

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5-28-2005 All Night Race Party (Replays of the 1949, 1977, and 1969 radio broadcasts). Introduction by Mike Serowik, Duke Nalon and Rex Mays in the 1949 race, Jim Rathmann, audio sources and fidelity, the EZ-Sign, Lou Moore team with Mauri Rose and Bill Holland, the 1977 race, Clay Regazzoni, Lloyd Ruby and Oral Roberts, repaving the track prior to the 1977 race, 200 mph laps, old commercials, Janet Guthrie.

5-29-2005 – post race edition “Back Home Again”, Museum car collection, Races finished under yellow, Danica (several topics), Most Indy starts w/o a win, Races finished under yellow, Herk beer cooler, G-forces on a small person, Purdue Band, USAC, # cars who did not pit, Pit stall assignments, New track records, Rookie winners, Unsers, Rex Mays, Miller Marine Engine, 12:00 race start, Largest winner, Race winners – # of nationalities, Jim Clark, Dan Weldon restart in 2005 race, George Robson death, Jean Marcenac, Spin & win, Big John Gillis, Jonathan Byrd car.

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U.S. Grand Prix week

6-15-2005 (Wed) USGP: Discussion about the pit walkabout, F1 cars under yellow, Mario Andretti’s Formula One years, Mario Andretti and Bobby Unser attempting to race the Hoosier Hundred and Monza in the same weekend in 1968. Scott Speed, would races be shortened due to rising fuel costs, who pays for fuel, Michael Schumacher “slump”, how to keep track of F1 cars due to the small numbers, Al Loquasto’s Indy on a Shoestring entry, F1 vs. NASCAR tire wear and tire duration, Rodger Ward at Sebring in 1959 in a midget car, possibilities for Americans in F1, gas filled balloon events, aircraft presence at IMS during WWI.

Download 6-15-2005.mp3

6-17-2005 (Fri) USGP: Enzo Ferrari, driver who has won the F1 World Championship or Indy car season championship with a single race victory, Tom Sneva’s 1976 championship without any wins, 1982 San Marino Grand Prix with only 14 cars…Didier Pironi and Gilles Villeneuve, origins of Formula One and the term “Grand Prix”, high tech of F1.

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Brickyard 400 week

8-4-2005 (Thu) Brickyard: Tom Carnegie, Bill Weber, what role manufacturers have to do with the cars and engines, Danny Sullivan at the 1994 Brickyard 400, sit down interview with Tom Carnegie, A.J. Foyt about Jeff Gordon winning the Brickyard 400 four times (“would have won many times if the race was 400 miles”), other hypothetical winners at the 400 mile-mark, the Snake Pit.

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8-5-2005 (Fri) Brickyard: Jeff Gordon’s 4th Brickyard 400 win versus the four time Indy 500 winners…A.J. Foyt’s reaction, Indy 500 “winners” at the 400 mile mark, Marshal Teague (Jerry in Delphi), A.J. Foyt’s stock car career…NASCAR and USAC (Paul in WI), Mark Martin, Rusty Wallace, follow up on Wallace with Ken Schrader.

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8-6-2005 (Sat) Brickyard: Question about qualifying results, first seatbelts and seatbelt rules at Indy, the Wood Brothers at Indy in 1965, 2005 U.S. Grand Prix tire debacle and the fan’s reactions, 2005 London bombing, more qualifying results, George Souders grave, “First in Line” Larry Bisceglia, brief talk about Tom Carnegie.

Download 8-6-2005.mp3

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