Show aired on WFNI 1070-AM The Fan
-Show moved to 8 pm, immediately following “Trackside with Curt and Kevin” which was at 7 pm
-Kevin Lee was the host. Curt Cavin subbed for Lee on the first two days due to Lee returning from the IndyCar race in Brazil.
-No Brickyard shows for 2011.

(D) = Dave from Marion
(P) = Paul in Racine
(J) = Jerry from Delphi

[Monday 5-2-2011]
Ted Horn, “Rookies” in 1911 (as opposed to those who drove in IMS events in 1909-1910), Bobby Johns, Cliff Durant, Jud Phillips (D), Russ Snowberger.

[Tuesday 5-3-2011]
Sea Snack Shrimp Cocktail Special, Ray Harroun before 1911, Sumar Special, Jerry Hoyt (D), 1941 garage fire, Harry Hartz, Walt Faulkner.

[Wednesday 5-4-2011]
Mel Leighton, Kenny Brack, Leon Duray, Roberto Guerrero, Dan Gurney, Paul Weirick, James “Radio” Gardner, Peter Revson.

[Thursday 5-5-2011]
Ralph DePalma, Chickie Hirashima, Ebb Rose’s party (D), Eddie Johnson, Myron Stevens, Track ownership.

[Friday 5-6-2011]
Bobby Unser, Roger McCluskey, Pace Car drivers, Mark Donohue.

[Saturday 5-7-2011]
F-1 Champs at Indy, Arnie Knepper, Drivers staying with locals, Bump Day 2011, A.J. Watson, Bud Tinglested, Bobby Marshman, Coronoa California, Donald’s favorite people?

[Sunday 5-8-2011]
Eddie Sachs, Teo Fabi, Andy Linden (D), Clark and Hill coming? (Opps they’re dead), 1937 finish, Gary Bettenhausen, Zionsville plug, Rex Mays, Bill Holland, Eppen family, Jimmy Caruthers, Allen Crowe/Joe Quinn, Ronnie Duman.

[Monday 5-9-2011]
Fire suits in the pits (Sandy Andretti), Roman Slobodynskyj, Drivers becoming “full time” (income-wise), Kennedy Tank Special (P), the Wonder Bread balloon logo, Donald’s first 500 memory/first times trying to hear the radio broadcasts, Ralph Hepburn’s track record in 1946, Luke Walton.

[Tuesday 5-10-2011]
(E-mail only show) Mel Kenyon, Location of the start/finish line, Winners who weren’t listed on the entry list/had few practice laps, Eddie Cheever, Foyt book, Dick Simon, Jimmy Daywalt, Native Hoosiers winning the 500, (Jim/Dick Rathmann name change), Naming cars “Specials”, Billy Vukovich III and Rich Volger.

[Wednesday 5-11-2011]
Tom Carnegie, Mauri Rose in 1941 (won the pole and race in different cars) and winners who had relief, Bob Fletcher, Frank Fiore, Rodger Ward (J), Lee Elkins (P), Jim McGee.

[Thursday 5-12-2011]
More on Bob Fletcher, Masten Gregory (including Gregory at 1965 Le Mans), Books about the 500, Frank Lockhart, the term “Special”, Donald’s book/Howard Keck (P), the Vukovich car.

[Friday 5-13-2011]
Fred Frame, First driver bumped, first qualified car withdrawn, Ray Nichels, where are Jim Crawford (deceased) and Mark Dimsore now, Vintage cars, Joe Silnes and the Tuffy Offy, Novi’s racing at other tracks besides Indy? (“Monza 500”), the book “30 Days in May” (1970), Donald’s favorite years, Swede Savage & Armando Terran in 1973.

[Saturday 5-14-2011]
Opening day practice recap, Eddie Rickenbacker’s influence, Relief drivers in 1953 & 1954 – hottest 500’s, Any living driver from before WWII? (No), Gold brick from 1910?, What happened to the old fuel tanks/Dick King (P), Pat Crocky, Deidt chassis, Why did the classic cars run Friday instead of Carb Day? More on Fred Frame.

[Sunday 5-15-2011]
The piano in the IMS museum (it’s from closing ceremonies at the ’84 L.A. Olympics), Floyd Roberts crash in 1939, Rodger Ward from 1959-1964, George Snider, where is Josele Garza, Kurtis that Firestone used to test tires, Mickey Thompson cars, new Indycar designs, Cliff Durant multi-car teams in 1923-24, Billy Boat’s bump day in 2000, others who have qualified cars without practice laps, The White Front (bar)/Walt Meyers on opening day 1974, Lou Palmer.

[Monday 5-16-2011]
Louis Schneider, What would Pat Vidan think of Seth Kline?, “Drivers to your cars”, Bud Jones (IMS Photographer), history of tire manufacturers, Art Malone (J), it’s Dave from Marion’s birthday tomorrow, Johnny Thompson (D), Johnny Carson driving the Turbine in the fall of 1967, Alberto Ascari.

[Tuesday 5-17-2011]
The hangar to house the hot air balloons/Oldest building still standing at IMS/Green folding chairs, Speedway parody show/songs played on WIBC in the early 1970s, Drivers who passed away within 5 years of winning the race, Brief discussion about safety, George Souders, 500 winners from Arizona, other winner birthplaces, living drivers from the1950s, Raising the arm while driving, Entry Lists, 13 bars on the grill of the Vukovich winner, someone trying to get Donald to tell the Jigger Sorois story, Bobby Ball.

[Wednesday 5-18-2011]
Ontario Motor Speedway, Drivers playing baseball during downtimes, Recounting the “tired” stories, Johnnie Tolan, Frankie DelRoy (D), Larry Zimmerman?, Earl Cooper, Smokey Yunick at IMS.

[Thursday 5-19-2011]
(E-mail Show only) David Hobbs, Why Al Unser Sr. and Jim Hall split after 1979, breaking the 200 mph barrier in 1977, Why were there 35 cars in the 1979 race (also quick question if Janet Guthrie was in 1979 race), will Jacques Villeneuve be at the track (?), what happening with Fabrizio Barbazza (other rookies of the year than never came back, never had another good finish), Stan Fox, Drivers who crashed late while leading, Where is Arie Luyendyk’s track record holding car (at the museum), Why Janet Guthrie’s car in 1977 was started by a female crew member (Kay Bignotti), Rolla Volsted can’t come to the race, the book “Along for the Ride” about Bob Sweikert.

[Friday 5-20-2011]
Gene Marsenac between 1932-1947, Where on the track is the 2.5 miles measured from/how far do the cars travel, Why does the word “Sweepstakes” appear on the tickets/another Jim Hurtubise caller about “the last roadster”, Eldon Rassmussen, Jim Trueman, Tom Bigelow, Andy Grantelli.

[Saturday 5-21-2011]
(Pole Day post show with Jake Query) Pole day recaps, Former Pole Winners photo shoot, Indy 500 military veterans, Wheeler-Schebler factory, Canadian pole winners/race winners (only 1), Larry Rice, Car #77 on the pole before? TK in? Oldest surviving 500 veteran/oldest living winner, Jim McWithey, Numerous female drivers/Sarah Fisher first to be pregnant.

[Sunday 5-22-2011] (Part 1)
(First hour) Drivers bumping out teammates, aerial bombs at the start, more Canadians, and old friend calls up about Jigger Sorios donating books, Tagliani’s team full time?/Pace Car crash-1971, Jones and Maley special mounted on top of Safety Auto Glass building.

[Sunday 5-22-2011] (Part 2)
(Second hour) A car in the museum that’s Donald’s personal favorite/other winning cars/the Marmon, most former winners in the 1992 field, more on Jim Hurtubise…again, Driver who won one and a half race (Howdy Wilcox)/Howdy Wilcox II and his diabetes, Ray Nichols/Paul Russo’s “Basement Bessie”, Roger Rager’s 1980 ‘school bus’ engine, brothers finishing 1st-2nd (none), special thanks.

[Monday 5-23-2011]
Kenny Brack, Mario’s 1984 qualifying attempt (car quit), Bud Winfield, Henry Ford fronting money for the Novi?, Kim & Barry Green, L.L. Corum, Bob Scott (D), D.A. Lubricants, Carl Haas/Paul Goldsmith, 1946 Indy 500 radio broadcast and downloading old race broadcasts.

[Tuesday 5-24-2011]
Pat Vidan, Paul Russo, Tree in turn one and turn four (P), Russ Douden/Jim McElreath/Sam Sessions, Linda Vaugh, Cliff Griffith, Bridge across backstretch (Bernie Herman reporting Bill Vukovich’s crash).

[Wednesday 5-25-2011]
(Show pre-empted for severe weather coverage; podcast only) Donald discusses things he disagrees with Charles Leershen (who was just on Trackside) about “urban legends” regarding the 1911 race/Ralph Mulford/etc., Graham Hill, “To Please a Lady”/Cara Cookbook & Novella Morales/Alex Morales, One-off drivers who won.

[Thursday 5-26-2011]
(E-mail only show) Ray Harroun in the book “500 Miles To Go”/Again dispelling the myth about Harroun’s ’75 mph story’, Largest/smallest engine to win, Biography on Eddie Rickenbacker, the Penske Mercedes from 1994, Green car superstition, 1964 Front Row photo (Dan Gurney in place of Clark), Louis Schneider, Mention of this Episode Guide, Beer Signs/Sterling Beer, Will Donald be a Wikipedia editor?, Umbrella Mike, Photo from 1938 of Marmon Wasp with words painted on the engine cover, 6 English drivers in the race/All-time record for Brits, John Walters at WIBC, Billy Arnold, What’s planned for race weekend (Autograph session, former winners, classic cars, etc.).

[Friday 5-27-2011]
Final ‘regular’ show of the month; Donald only (Kevin Lee was at the Burger Bash); Talking about the Friday former winner autograph session…Parnelli saves the day, Andy Granatelli’s book “They Call Me Mr. 500″…did Andy write it? (No)/The Autocourse Book…any correction or omissions?, Len Sutton, Joe Lenke/AARC “Strike”, Pete Wales and the ‘Midnight Ride of Ed Elisian’, 35 Drivers in the 1979 race, More about the Saturday autograph session, More questioning of Charles Leershen’s 1911 500 book, Stutz & Kaiser Frasier, Wrapping up the show…one last complaint about “mis-information” about the 1911 book, Paul Goldsmith, Thanks to show contributors/producers: Matthew Berh (SP?), Matt Hicks, Scott Johnson.

[Saturday 5-28-2011]
All Night Race Party (replays of 1946 and 1979 races). Tire testing at the Speedway in 1945, sale of the Speedway to Tony Hulman, “Back Home Again In Indiana” with James Melton and other performances in early years, Edsel Ford, STP commercial with Andy Granatelli and Dolly Cole, STP commercial with Richard Petty, cars completing the 500 miles after the winner crosses the finish lines, Jack Maurer Special.

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